Increases fertility: This vegetable improves the potency

An unfulfilled desire to have children can have many reasons. It is also always brought back food to the game. However, as the two are connected? It is clear that scientists have for years Alarm.

The semen quality decreases in men in the industrialized Nations, more and more. Too small, too little, too rigid – not good conditions if there is a desire to have children is. According to researchers from the University of Sheffield is a poor seed quality is often a major reason for infertility.

And the diet will play a large role. Especially antioxidants can improve semen quality. In a study, the scientists examined a substance found mainly in tomato. (Also interesting: Also drink beer to improve the sperm quality.)

Study: lycopene improves the sperm

The substance is lycopene, which is found in high quantities in tomatoes and rose hips and also their red color is responsible. Lycopene is one of the antioxidants and can. according to the study recently published in the &quot…European Journal of Nutrition" was released, the sperm on the jumps to help, and thus their ability to improve.

In the investigation two groups of men took part, of which one group received twelve weeks of a dietary Supplement containing lycopene and the other group a Placebo is administered. The result: In the case of men who received lycopene supplementation improved the sperm quality significantly. (Also interesting: The helps men with bladder inflammation)

Here is a lot of lycopene is included

And so the arch to the nutrition and desire to have children can be beaten, because high concentrations of lycopene contain in tomatoes, especially canned tomatoes because the fruits are fully ripe, harvested and then processed. In addition, the tomatoes to be heated, which increases the availability of lycopene, in addition. The content of lycopene is in tomatoes at about 10 milligrams per 100 grams. For comparison: in the study used a Supplement containing 14 milligrams per day. A still higher concentration offers the tomato paste, the can come to about 60 milligrams of lycopene per 100 grams.

A healthy diet can help in the desire to have children

More and more studies come to the conclusion that a poor diet, Smoking, but also environmental pollution deteriorates the quality of the sperm, and hence the desire to have children can affect.

A healthy and balanced diet that is rich in vital substances, can improve in a reversal of the fertility. This includes not only tomatoes, but also, for example, nuts, such as Spanish scientists for some time have found out count.

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