Later school start: More sleep and better grades

A later start of classes at two High Schools in Seattle led to the students slept longer on-time for school came, and less absenteeism. Even performance at school improved.

The almost one hour after the back-shifted school start had some positive effects: The Teenager received an average of 34 minutes more sleep per night. In addition, the performance of the students increased in the middle grades of 4.5 per cent – presumably, because they are not as sleepy and thus were more attentive.

At one of the schools was also observed that especially young people were from socially disadvantaged families, punctual and the lessons of rare stayed away. The authors of the study conclude that future could help in early times, social differences between teenagers from families with high and low incomes. Young people to stay in the evening like a long time, which leads many to a chronic lack of sleep, because you sleep less than the recommended eight to ten hours. The natural rhythm of the young people, had experts proposed to move the school start times. Try the lessons at the beginning of 2017 to two High Schools in Seattle has been moved from 7:50 to 8:45 PM. For the study, sleep was monitored-Wake cycle of the students for two weeks, by Activity meter and with data from 2016 compared.