Mystery respiratory disease spreads rapidly – approximately 200 cases

After the outbreak of the mystery of lung disease in China, the number of confirmed cases has risen sharply to adhere to around 200. Another Patient died. So there are now three deaths, as the health authority of the Central Chinese city of Wuhan reported on Monday. For the first time, infection with the novel Coronavirus were discovered in other places in China. Another case was reported in South Korea.

In the district of Daxing in Beijing, two patients tested positive to the new Coronavirus, in Shenzhen in southern China a. All three were previously in Wuhan have been. The majority of infections concentrated with 198 cases, more on the 11-million-metropolis. Of the patients 35 are seriously ill, nine in critical condition, the health authority reported.

Health authorities in South Korea have also reported a disease with the novel Virus. Be affected a 35-year-old Chinese woman. They had arrived on Sunday in South Korea, and have lived previously in Wuhan. The patient had suffered from fever, respiratory problems and other symptoms of illness. Finally, the Coronavirus had been detected.

High Number Of Unreported Cases?

Until Sunday, only about 60 cases had been officially confirmed. However, researchers at the UK centre for the analysis of global infectious diseases at Imperial College London, the spread of the disease is very much greater than previously known. According to your probability calculations, the experts estimate the number of patients on more than 1700.

Dangerous Double Attack

You have a super infection? What is it

Also, experts warn of a possible Transmission of the Virus from person to person. China’s health Commission urged Beijing to be cautious, because the origin of the new type of Coronavirus had not yet been found. Also not sure how people spread the contagion: “The Transfer is not yet fully understood.” Nevertheless, experts considered the outbreak to “controllable”.

It is believed that the novel Virus comes from the animal world. The initial infections were associated with a now-closed fish market in Wuhan in connection, also wild animals were sold. Corona viruses often cause harmless illnesses like colds, but also pathogens include dangerous respiratory diseases such as Sars and Mers.

Pathogens in China is similar to Sars Virus

Also the Sars Virus, the of new pathogens is similar, is said to have originated from the animal world. Sars stands for “Severe Acute Respiratory syndromes”, i.e., Severe Acute respiratory syndrome. In the case of the Sars-pandemic in 2002/2003 of China were ill, starting around 8000 people in the lung disease. Nearly 800 died. At the time of the outbreak had been covered up initially, which prevents a quick response and the spread had initially favored.

Just over a week ago, experts had deciphered the genetic sequence of the new Virus, what are the Tests in patients with lung inflammation eases of unknown cause. Abroad, there are already cases. In Thailand, two infections, and in Japan a case in traveler from Wuhan have been confirmed. The three patients had not but visited the animal market, where the origin is suspected. The experts had, prior to a Transmission from human to warn humans.

Citizens-The Score

Total Surveillance – China wants to distribute the notes to all its citizens

The world health organization has so far uttered not a travel warning for tourists. The American health authority (CDC) advised but travelers to Wuhan, animal markets and contact with animals or sick persons to avoid. “Limited human to human Transmission could occur”, – stated in the message.

Asian neighbours as a precautionary measure, introduced fever checks on Entry from China. The US airports in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles make health checks on travelers from Wuhan. The risk of Transmission of infectious diseases is still growing with the current travel boom to the Chinese new year festival next Saturday. In the largest annual human migration, some of the Hundreds of millions of Chinese are on the move.

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