Dengue emergency in the Philippines: more than 600 Dead

On Tuesday, the government of the Philippines declared a state of emergency due to Dengue fever. Since the beginning of the year have died, according to the national health Department, a total of 622 people to the Virus. Be affected, in particular the capital Manila, many people live in Slums. At present, a particularly aggressive type of virus in circulation, which, according to the local authorities may be responsible for the increase was. A connection to a Impfskandal two years ago, you produced.

In total were registered in the Philippines since the beginning of the year, more than 146.000 Dengue-cases – almost twice as many as in the same period of the previous year. With the Declaration of Dengue to a country-wide epidemic, it should be the authorities are now easier to combat the disease.

Dengue fever: vaccine is banned in the Philippines

The mosquito-borne Virus has spread, according to the world health organization (WHO) in the past decades dramatically. In several countries of Asia and Latin America, a major Dengue in the meantime, the cause of severe illness and death in children. The infection often manifests itself as a fever with flu-like symptoms.

In the Philippines, the government had two years ago, a potentially dangerous Dengue vaccine withdrawn from the market. Meanwhile, the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi Pasteur has been denied the license for the agent Dengvaxia in the long term. 2016/17, after the vaccination of more than 830 000 children several deaths. Sanofi had warned then.

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