So dangerous sweets at the supermarket checkout are

To place candy and other Snacks in front of the supermarket checkouts, is a common sales strategy. In the UK, some supermarkets have the so-called "Quengelware" voluntarily of the cashier removed. This led to significantly less unhealthy Snacks were purchased.

When you are Waiting in front of the cashier, the sight of a delicious but unhealthy Snacks can encourage Access. This is a study of the Cambridge University shows, because if these products were removed from the cashier declined the sale of small packs of confectionery, chocolate or potato chips, which were consumed on the way from the supermarket immediately, by 76 percent. Snacks, which were taken home, were bought to 17 percent, and a year later, to 15 percent less.

The vast majority of food products sold by large supermarket chains. The way you are and advertised to be placed, as well as pricing strategies an important role: "Many of the Fund battered Snacks are unplanned impulse purchases – and a choice of confectionery, chocolate or Chips&quot are;, Dr. Jean Adams from the centre for diet and activity research at the University of Cambridge says. "Several supermarkets have now introduced policies to remove these items from the funds. We wanted to know whether this had an impact on the purchasing decisions of the people."

In order to examine the sale of unhealthy Snacks from the checkout area, the researchers compared the sales figures of super markets for a year, before and after the voluntary implementation of the Directive. Six of the nine supermarkets had introduced. In the analysis of 30,000 households.