“There is no protection against Kita-virus”

SPIEGEL ONLINE: woman Easwaran, when is a child too sick for daycare?

Easwaran: children with fever or acute diarrhea do not belong in the nursery. If only the nose is running, and the child coughs, it is the General condition. The child is drowsy, clingy and listless, you should treat him a couple of days of rest and security. It’s in a good mood and fit, it has to be in the nursery.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is there not other children?

Easwaran: This of course could happen. But parents will fail, if you have the right to send their children only to be completely infection free in the nursery. Each child has a runny nose and is potentially contagious. Kitas virus zoo. Children have daily contact with millions of germs.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: There are day-care centres, on the basis of the color of the nasal secretion to decide whether a child in the nursery is allowed to stay.

Easwaran: I can see critical. You can draw on the basis of color, no safe conclusions as to the disease. Whether green, yellow or transparent – here it is impossible to generalize. There are children who have in the cold months of week-long yellowish runny nose, but in great shape. All of these children would remain at home, the day care centers very empty.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In the case of gastro-intestinal infections, it is frequently the case, the rule that children only 24 hours after the last diarrhea back in the day-care centre come may. In addition, the chair should be solid again.

Easwaran: the consistency of The stool is not meaningful. You is every child is different and says nothing about the risk of Infection. To keep a child for 24 hours at home, I find useful. The child needs time to recover. Generally, it is important that the nursery and parents work together to develop rules, with which all feel comfortable. Whether it is 12 – hour or 24-hour policy, is almost beside the point.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In which diseases is the Kita-visit officially banned?

Easwaran: The writes to the infection protection act. Among the diseases measles, chickenpox, rubella, and Ringel rubella. These diseases must be reported by the day-care centre to the health Department. And parents need a Healthy note from the pediatrician so that the child can once again visit the nursery.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What do you think of such a healthy writing?

Easwaran: For infectious diseases, the infection protection act are listed, I think it is absolutely necessary. A daycare center calls for a healthy case after a normal viral infection, I find the exaggerated. That is not a hedge, that the child will be the next day sick again. In addition, such a scheme is stressing the parents. You need to come up with your healthy child, again, in practice, fail and possibly another day of work and then have to also fear that your child might get infected with a new germ. This excitement, you should take them. Parents are stressed enough.


Easwaran: Because of you from all sides, pressure to get. From your employer, educators, and other parents. It is also the Belief that, unfortunately, working parents cheer when you can make your sick child blue. The opposite is the case. Parents want to take care of, of course. It is also very unpleasant, therefore to be able to not go to work.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What do you advise the parents?

Easwaran: Let to stay, even if it is difficult. Children up to the age of five, most of the infections. This can be up to 20 colds in the year. Prior to that, there is no protection, we just have to accept it. I wish me from all sides more empathy and solidarity. Also, and especially, between the parents.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: what do you mean by that?

Easwaran: I often find that the parents among themselves the most stress. You don’t discuss in the day-care centre, if a child is too sick to stay. Here I advise not to judge other parents. Often we do not know what is behind a decision. Maybe can’t afford the single mother to keep her verschnupftes child even for a day longer at home. Then it would be more helpful for the mother to offer support, instead of making her life even harder.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: there Are also positive sides to the Kita-virus?

Easwaran: Any Amount! This intensive phase of the Disease is important for the development of the immune system. And parents should know: There is no Childhood without illness. And with the start of School, the biggest nightmare is over.