Without tension by the jam

Motorists are in a traffic jam, often get tension and Rüblock pain. With these tips, läthe forced break f&uuml sst;r a little relaxation

Who is drinking in the car is sufficient, prevents dehydration and associated headaches

According to current calculations by the ADAC, the hours add up, the motorists in Germany in the end to bring jäannually 457 000. In doing so, you waste time and be­the expense of your health. With a few Tricks of the forced can breaks however für relaxation. 

"Who long car fährt or in a traffic jam, in between ab&auml the seat position easily;change, the Köbody enable. As a result, the blood circulation gef&ouml is;promotes the circulation angeregt", rät Professor Ingo Marzi, PräPresident of the German society für Orthopäthe and trauma surgery (DGOU). He recommends small Üexercises, for safety’s sake, should be done when standing in a traffic jam. Individual muscle groups f&uuml be;r fünf up to ten seconds of tense, without moving.

Blood flow and circulation with a simple Üexercises stimulate

"Arm muscles, you can stimulate by the Hände the steering Wheel firmly umschließand the driver, the muscles tensing briefly, and again lockerlässt. Also the hand muscles during short, fixed grab and Release on the steering Wheel active. Even the Tensing of the muscles of mastication föpromotes the Durchblutung", weiß the Frankfurt trauma surgeon Marzi. 

Against the neck tension, the roles of the head helps. With a cat’s hump and anschließthe tap out to stretch the chest of the K&ouml relaxes;body, also by the Relax of the Rückens. Also a active of the shoulders to Move upwards, the front and rear as well as anschließin the end, Loosen löst cramps.

The core muscles lässt stimulate by Tensing of the pelvic muscles. "In the case of pain in the legs, it helps the Füßto take e in a traffic jam all the pedals, to act and to ziehen&quot the toes to the top;, Marzi says.

So stay wäduring the car ride leistungsfähig

Für a Wohlfühlklima in the car ensure a temperature of 21 degrees and regelmäßiges Durchlüshops. The travel l&auml take;longer than two hours, rät the expert to breaks of at least 15 minutes – spätesting but if a headache, and Müspeed occur. In these interruptions, you should go a few steps, and the muscles loosen, so the cycle, after the long Sit in the swing.

To leistungsfähig to stay, it is important to much to drink and legs to move. A sufficient supply of water prevents darüaddition dehydration and prevents headaches . Coffee or energy drinks to help only in the short term against Müspeed. To you motorists would be better off without, as well as fat and heavy food.

Better more time to schedule than stäto switch constantly in and out of lanes

Not all jams can be aus­soft, but some can be avoided. A good planning with anti­cyclic departure time and route alternatives to be helpful, says Michael Schreckenberg, Professor für the physics of Transport and traffic at the Universität Duisburg-Essen. "If you are driving in a traffic jam, you should not try any Lücke to schließen and to brake sharply. Then it comes to a Domino effect, a größerer jam ausgel&ouml is;st", says the mountain of terror.

He rät depends on stäto switch constantly in and out of lanes to advance faster. "Motorists often think that they are permanently üobsolete, since you only look forward. That’s true but nicht", weiß the traffic expert. It would be better to stay on a track and relaxed in the transport mit­swim. 10 to 20 percent of the congestion ließen by rüconsiderate and cooperative behaviour, schähe tzt. 

The Stress of travel köcan motorists to terror mountain opinion, you put yourself under pressure. "Today is the Navi­­gations­system an arrival time prior to, the wäduring the journey, mostly to the rear. The sets a lot under Stress. Those who take more time fährt significantly entspannter", says the mountain of terror. He rät, not from the Navi drive. Drivers should come to terms mentally with the jam and Verzöstruggled to adjust.

To relieve the Köthe body when driving a car

Füa relaxed journey are inclined to the seats between 100 and 110 degrees to the rear, the center of the Kopfstütze is about to AugenhöHey. Modern seats with Lordosenunter­stüsetting up a possible hollow from the cushions cross. In the case of multiple ­adjustable Seats läthe Backrest sst precisely to the Rücover customize.

"Für Sitting in a chair are only three things wichtig", erklärt of the rally world champion Walter Röhrl. The 70-Jäover the years and it fährt each year, tens of thousands of kilometers – pain-free.

  • Distance to the pedalsthe seat so that the legs when Durchdrüpress the pedals slightly remain bent, the thighs are loose on the seat.  
  • The Rücover backrest: it has to Rücover is always in contact with. So rather steeper than flat. 
  • Distance to steering Wheel: The hand joints reach with outstretched arms to exactly the top of the Wheel.

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