A case of tetanus recorded in the Kiev region. How not to get that vaccine against tetanus

Many still believe that vaccines can weaken the immune system, and children it’s better to contract a certain disease, and thus to obtain from him a natural immunity. Unfortunately, such myths and preconceptions about vaccination are quite common and pose a great danger to life.


The worst thing is that this affects children. Now in the regional hospital in the Kiev region during his life struggling boy, who is only 2 years and 8 months. The child is already almost a week in intensive care on a ventilator and in an induced coma. The reason for this condition is a serious infectious disease tetanus.

A child in a coma due to tetanus

Tetanus in a child can be BIOPROTECT if the boy was vaccinated on time. But his mother refused vaccinations, calling one of the reasons for its decision the impact of the vaccine on the developing nervous system of a three year old. Woman otkashlyalsya son, despite the fact that the vaccine was available.

To save isnurance introduced the tetanus toxoid, however, it only works on the toxins in the blood and powerless against those that have managed to penetrate into the nervous system. Unfortunately, the threat of death still remains because the toxin can cause paralysis of the heart muscle.

This nevozmozhno the 21st century! When you can consult a doctor and not look for information online when vaccines are available, and they do not need to buy their own expense.

What is tetanus

Tetanus (tetanus) is zooantroponoses acute infectious diseasecharacterized by primary lesion of the nervous system (the tonic and spasmodic contractions of the striated muscles), due to the microorganism exotoxin of the tetanus Bacillus.

Readers ‘ questions Tetanus 16 July 2018, 20:20 7 days ago broke his leg on a rusty nail about an hour washed and spilled peroxide, forgot about the wound by day 2. Two days ago nacelles muscle twitching all over my body remembered the symptoms of tetanus, I had read, started for this reason to worry much, right paranoia. Interval twitchings of muscles little, feel the tension in the mouth area (smile muscles), twitching all over my body, today twitch muscle in the wound area. It seems that the tension in the neck. In addition picked up some dysentery I think the first day had a temperature of 38.5 at the second normalized, nausea, diarrhea and bloating in the lower abdomen, drink nifuroxazide and something else from dysentery on the letter f… I do Not remember. During operation, the weakness , choking and hard to breathe. The dysentery, or what is it like to be passed, but the rest is very worried. I have been reading for stavraki, hard paranoia. Went to the family doctor told the injury in twitching etc. she looked at the history of vaccinations done at 14 now I’m 20. Said that everything is fine, you have a vaccination, you are being paranoid. What it could be, dejstvitelno tetanus, the consequences of the illness or my paranoia?! View answer

How dangerous pathogens

The causative agents of tetanus Clostridium tetaniотносятся to spore-forming bacteria. Their spores are extremely resistant to antiseptics, disinfectants and physico-chemical factors.

In soil, faeces and various items can be stored for over 100 years. Under favourable conditions (absence of oxygen, adequate moisture, temperature about 37oC) disputes are converted into less resistant vegetative forms, which produce one of the most dangerous poisons, inferior in power only to the botulinum toxin. However, the toxin is safe if swallowed, so as not able to be absorbed through the mucosa. It is destroyed when exposed to alkaline environment, sunlight and when heated. The source of infection is poultry, herbivores and man, which stool Clostridium enters the environment. Patients epidemiological danger is not present.

The transfer mechanism Stobnica contact (through injuries and wounds on the skin and mucous membranes, burns, frostbite, during childbirth, etc.). Cases of umbilical tetanus (infection through non-sterile infected tool when ligation of the umbilical cord). Risk factors for the disease include agricultural workers as a result of contact with animals, soil and sewage, as well as teenagers due to frequent traumatization.

Thanks to vaccination humanity began to forget about the terrible diseases from which he had recently killed many people. Today, however, some fear vaccines more than the diseases from which they protect.
The topic of immunization is often the subject of manipulation.

High-quality and effective vaccines in Ukrainetelephone. Vaccination against tetanus is free of charge.

The calendar of preventive privivkami from tetanus should be vaccinated at 2, 4, 6, 18 months, 6 years and 16 years. In the future you need revaccinating from the disease every 10 years. Check the immunization schedule and plan a visit to the doctor!

View a list of vaccinesthat the state buys, and check their balance regions on the MOH website: https://goo.gl/ZtYKzo.