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In most States, must meet currently, only the members of two households – also in Baden-Württemberg. Here is a further provision is added, however, that for some citizens, confusion: In the private spaces of the family are meeting, even if they live in more than two house, permitted. As soon as the private room is vacated, however, the contact restriction of two households. A family from the Region of Stuttgart has violated this rule, ignorant of the Lich miss and now has to pay 1000 Euro fine, reports the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”.

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200 Euro fine per Person

On holiday with the family in a Two – and a group of three, on the way to the cemetery, when she was stopped by a police patrol was. You moved closer and did not keep the distance of 1.5 meters. The police found a violation of the protection against infection, and listed the personal data of the members. The family subsequently received a communication from the clerk’s office: 200 Euro fine per Person, to pay a total of 1000 euros.


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“What do these regulations with the prevention of the virus spread to?”

A member of the family commented on the incident, such as the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” reports: “What do these regulations with the prevention of the virus spread to?”, the man asks. The police officials had advised the family to show a “cooperative” and to pay the penalty in a timely manner. Another Annoyance: The lowest level of the fine frame would have cost the family a mere 100 Euro per Person. But was not applied in this case. Incomprehensible to the affected family. You would have liked to see more moderation of the officials.

Source: “Stuttgarter News”,

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