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Actually, Fitness icon Whitney Simmons for your sweat known driving Gym Sessions with heavy Weights and equipment.

But the power woman also adapts to the wishes of their Community, and proves that With the right Motivation and guidance, the own four walls can replace the gym very well.

Crisp Home-Workout

“I know many of you want more Workouts for at home”, she writes under her Post. “So, a sweat-inducing Full-Body-unit is here for you.”

Anyone who thinks that it could not be at home to train as intensively as in the Gym, is here taught definitely one of the better.

The Workout compiled by Whitney Simmons, consists of four runs, each with a different focus: legs, Push, Pull, and HIIT.

To run you just need a Set with different weights, which you can Exercise in your performance level. And, of course, a sub-location.

Then it can start already.

HOWTO: Perform each run for three rounds. Place after each round of cycles, a Pause of 1 to 3 minutes.

1. Run – Legs

The first run consists of three Exercises that target the muscle strands in the legs:

  • Romanian Deadlifts – 10 Reps

To position yourself for the Romanian Deadlifts in the shoulder widths in each Hand a dumbbell. Back sliding your hips slightly and shift your weight to the heels.

Bend your torso forward and let down the dumbbells close to your legs to the bottom of your shoulder blades to the rear.

Eighth to Lift the force with the back leg muscles to spend.

  • Goblet Squats – 10 Reps

We continue with an intensive Exercise for the buttock muscles. The weight hold with both hands in front of your chest, and place you in a very wide Stand.

Am now Sumo Squats by controlled. In order to make them maximally effective, focus on the force with the muscles of your Pos spend – Muscle-Mind Connection is a must!

  • Jumping Sumo Squats – 10 Reps

The wide leg position you can maintain for the next Exercise. Grab two dumbbells and let them with outstretched arms to hang.

Trust you with the entire foot slightly from the floor. Eighth, when you Land on it, you absorb as much as possible (your neighbors will thank you) and to go specifically in the Squat.

2. Run – Push

In the second pass, the poor, the focus is on three different Exercises intended Influencerin for it.

  • Lateral raises – 10 reps

To point you in the upright position with slightly bent legs shoulder-width apart, in each Hand a dumbbell.

The arms raise to the side of your body upwards so that the dumbbells to the highest point located at shoulder height. Lower your arms then back down.

  • Overhead tricep extensions – 10 repetitions

Continue with an Exercise for denTrizeps. Stay to do this, stand upright, positioning apart kidney your legs a little further and hold a weight with both hands behind your head.

Lifting and lowering of this weight by you put out your arms and anwinkelst.

  • Close grip floor presses – 10 reps

Even without a weight bench you can train your chest is wonderful – this Exercise is a perfect replacement for the classic bench press.

Lie down on your back and hold two Weights in front of your chest, elbows are next to your body, close to the ground.

Lead from this Position, the Bank, by pressing, by pressing the Weights in front of your body high and checked again absenkst.

3. Run – Pull

Your arms feel a bit shaky? Then you have to bite teeth together. Continue on to three Exercises that appeal to not only your back but also your biceps.

  • Alternating bicep curls – 10 reps

Upright Stand, in each Hand a dumbbell and let’s get started: Turn your torso slightly to the side so that a shoulder a little further forward. Do with both arms in a biceps Curl.

If you have stretched out the arms, back, rotate your upper body so that the other side shows more to the front. It is a biceps Curl with both arms again follows.

  • Bent over row – 10 reps

Bow to you for this back exercise with the torso to the front, the legs are slightly bent, your weight is mainly on the heels. Hold the Weights with outstretched arms in front of your body.

Raise the dumbbells by your elbow to the side of your body to the rear pull. The tension you should, especially in your upper back, between the shoulder blades, notice.

  • Lying lat pullovers – 10 reps

Lie down for this Exercise on the floor and your legs bent. Holding with outstretched arms a weight over your head.

Guide the dumbbell in a controlled forward until it is approximately over your chest – your arms stay permanently stretched out.

4. Run – HIIT

After strength training, it is now time to drive the pulse in the height.

It is three intense HIIT follow-up Exercises, between which you insert a 15-second time can.

  • Jumping Jacks – 45 Seconds

The Home Workout would be no Training for Whitney Simmons, if it would bring you to your physical limits. Therefore, the power a woman carries out the Jumping Jacks with additional Weights.

These are at the same time stretched to Popping up to the top of the head.

  • High Knees – 45 Seconds

Everything from as High Knees out, you should try the knee as high as possible to attract.

  • Low skater lunges – 45 seconds

This Exercise not only trains your endurance, but the muscles in the legs will also benefit once again.

Stand on your right leg, bend the torso forward and take the right Arm to Swing to the right.

From the press you now with the leg and jump to the left. The land on the left foot, federe you with this and jump back to the right.

After you have completed this run three Times, you have done it already – very good!

Cornelia Bertram

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