Children are asymptomatic Carriers of the Coronavirus

In a study of Chinese medical professionals describe their experiences to Coronavirus infection in children: you can get rare and usually have only mild symptoms. As you but without symptoms of virus have been detected, they seem to play as a Carrier, however, an important role.

Under 745 Chinese babies and children between two months and fifteen years, which have been tested due to close contact with a diagnosed Covid-19 patients, there were only ten children (1.3 per cent) positive. None of the ten children became seriously ill: Seven fever did not exceed 39 degrees Celsius got. Some of them cough had pain, throat and a stuffy nose, but it didn’t come up in adult muscles or headaches, and no child suffered from pneumonia.

No symptoms, still contagious

These milder symptoms will have a decisive disadvantage: children, the ill may be entirely without symptoms, or only slightly, can transfer the virus. This school closures and quarantine moves-actions that many parents currently make a major care problems in a different light.

The researchers had even almost two weeks after the children smears due to negative Airway from the quarantine have been discharged, in your chair, viruses can be detected. Excretion of virus in stool does not mean automatically also a risk of Transmission, because if the viruses are in the chair, still infectious, has not yet been demonstrated.