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Who is on Social Media looking for Workout Inspiration, comes over to Whitney Simmons little more – and that is a good thing.

The power woman is regularly new intensive training sessions, think of the lure probably the most hard-working athletes to their physical limits.

Most recently, she posted an intense power unit for the abdominal muscles: Perfect for anyone motivated athletes who want to put your six pack for the summer.

Bodyweight Exercises for six pack Abs

The Abs Workout consists of six Exercises, which can only be performed with the own body weight at any time carried out – you don’t have to even leave the house to go to your Limit.

The unit you can wonderful after your regular workout as a little Bonus on top complete or just a few passages as the perfect six pack Workout by dragging.

How to: Do each movement 20 Times. Then a short break before doing the next Exercise.

“Connective this exercise is a sequence to your next Workout, your Core cheer properly!”, motivated Whitney under your Post. “All you need is your own body. So, go ahead!”

Where she’s right, she’s right. What are you waiting for? Grab your workout Mat, a workout bottle with a small refreshment – and give it your all!

1. Straight Arm Crunches

You start with an Exercise that will fire up your abdominal muscles properly.

  • Put yourself first on your back and place your legs on bent. Your arms are stretched out above your head.
  • Run from this Position, the Crunches by lifting your upper body slightly in the direction of your legs and again lowering the arms to be taken.
  • Change when the direction of moving of your upper body – the also the lateral abdominal muscles calls for.

Unlike Sit-ups, your lower back fixed at the time of the Crunches on the ground – only the upper back raises and lowers.

2. Hip Drop to Spider Crunch

During this movement sequence it is a compound Exercise, which will put your abdominal muscles under high voltage!

  • Starting position is the Plank. Eighth in the basic position the fact that your elbows are directly under your shoulders.
  • Then let’s go already: sink your hips to the right side down until it almost touches the floor and return to the normal Plank back.
  • Then run directly to the Spider Crunch by solving the right leg from the ground, in the direction of your right arm pull, and then re-stretch.
  • Set the feet again and again this movement repeat with the other side.

Important: Even if your body is tense in the middle of this Practice permanently, then you should pay attention to a uniform and deep breathing.

3. Figure 8 Crunches

This Exercise targets the back to the front of the muscle strands of your abdomen. The raised legs have to but there are especially your lower stomach muscles active, where to Speckröllen deposited.

  • Lie on your back and lifting the legs bent slightly upwards. Your arms are initially outstretched above your head.
  • Lift your upper body slightly in the direction of your right leg and pull the leg to your body.
  • Reach with the arms once the legs and sink on you finally, in the output position down before you, the movement on the other side complete.

Tip: especially in the case of Crunches and Sit-ups from it, the breathing to the movement, adjust – breathe, if you anspannst your belly and back, if you make your body long.

4. High Plank Hand to Toe Tap

In the second Exercise in this workout, you have noticed, it may already be to hold The Plank, calls for quite a lot of muscles at the same time. This is true both for the depth as well as for the high execution.

Intense, it goes more with the following Exercise:

  • Starting position is a high Plank. Here, too, the following applies: Your elbows or your hands are just under your shoulders.
  • Now pull your left foot in front of your body and touch it briefly with your right Hand.
  • Return controlled in the high Plank back and the movement with the other side of the hole.

Important: Keep your head in extension of your spine. You look more to the bottom than to the front.

5. Reverse Crunches

For this Exercise you need a stable object you can hold. “This is my favorite Exercise, to challenge my lower abdomen as properly,” reported Whitney excited.

  • Lie on your back and hold on with both hands behind your head at the selected mount.
  • Lifting in this Position, your lower body (from lower back) up in the air – your legs point perpendicular to the ceiling.
  • Do the Crunches by lowering your bottom back a little to the Mat down. Angle the legs a little.
  • Back press you then with the power of your abdominal muscles in the starting position.

Eighth, during the execution of the fact that your lower back is permanently in the air. At the deepest point, he should not touch the ground.

6. Tri-Set

Your abdominal muscles are shaking already? You must be quiet, you did it too! Now it is, once again, give everything with this compound Power Exercise:

  • To sit on your exercise Mat and support you, slightly to the rear, leaning up on your elbow.
  • Lifting both legs from the floor and do Air Bicycles, by doing ten Pedaling in the air.
  • Right after ten Reverse Air Bicycles the Pedaling will be listed in the opposite direction.
  • Finally, just a holding exercise: stretch your legs in the air straight, ideally for 20 to 30 seconds.

If you’ve done this last Set, you’re already through with the Training. Now you can look forward to tomorrow’s soreness!

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “six pack Abs Workout: 6 Exercises from Whitney Simmons for a toned belly” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.