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One of the hardest parts about being a parent is having peace of mind when you put them to bed. While baby monitors are a great insurance policy to keep tabs on your little one when you’re not in the room — or not even at home — but there’s always going to be a part of you that worries about their safety while they’re in bed. One of the best ways to add an extra layer of protection is a sturdy bed rail guard for kids to keep them secure and safely inside the bed so they can’t escape.

Bed rail guards come in a few shapes and sizes, so it’s important to determine the best option for your needs and your child’s size. While many boast a universal fit so you can even attach it to queen or king size beds when you’re traveling, some are specifically made for kid sized beds. Some have revolutionized the bed rail guard space and no longer have bulky, plastic attachments that aren’t comfortable for your little one if they were to roll over it. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best bed rail guards for kids so everyone can sleep tight.

1. Hiccapop Bed Rail Bumper

Unlike traditional bed rail guards for kids, this plush version doesn’t feature bulky plastic attachments that could be uncomfortable for your little one if they were to roll over it. If you have an older child who doesn’t need as much security, this more freeing version doesn’t cage them in like older versions either. This innovative and soft bumper uses a passive-safety approach. When your child bumps up against it, they’ll have a response that they’re too close to the edge and roll away. It will fit all size beds, so it’s great to take when you’re traveling and not sure what size bed they’ll end up with.

2. Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail

If you’re looking for a more traditional bed rail guard for kids that’s going to have the maximum amount of protection at night, this super secure version will give you peace of mind. The reinforced anchor system ensures that it stays in place and won’t fall off if a curious kid tries to tamper with it. When you want to remove it though, it easily flips up and down so you can let them out easily or change the sheets in a snap. This version will only work with a twin or queen-size bed, so make sure you don’t have a king size bed before selecting this pick. Best of all, the rail cover is machine washable for easing cleaning.

3. Comfy Bumpy Rail

If you plan on using a bed rail guard for kids in multiple spots, especially if you travel often, this universal size will make your life a lot easier and take the headache out of traveling with a child. The new flat bar design attaches securely to the bed, but your child won’t feel the bars underneath the bed like with standard bed rail guards. It’s easy to install and is a cinch to flip up and down when you need to take them in and out of the bed. It secures tightly with slats and springs using velcro, boxsprings using straps under the mattress, or wood bases with screws.

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