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For fashion influencer Caitlin Covington, being prepared to share her favorite product picks with a large audience is second nature. For nearly 12 years, Covington has curated the lifestyle blog Southern Curls & Pearls, where she shares her outfits, beauty routine, wellness hacks and travel guides. Although she’s amassed 1.3M followers on Instagram, you probably better recognize her as ‘Christian Girl Autumn‘ — a meme she’s fully embraced with her annual leaf-peeping trips to Vermont.

Lately, the influencer has taken on a few new roles — including becoming a mother to her (almost) two-year-old daughter Kennedy. She is also expecting her second child this year! Now her social pages include her family more than ever. And even though her posts occasionally feature children’s recommendations, the busy mom always suggests items that work for her family, like a subscription box, a parent-friendly app and even fashion that helps Covington define her “mom” style.

Speaking of fashion, Covington launched a collaboration with Liverpool Los Angeles that includes basics that every wardrobe should have. The collection features cozy cardigans, tops and jeans that you can dress up or down — available at Nordstrom now. Ahead, Covington shared the parenting essentials that get her through every milestone.

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The podcast I’m listening to right now

I just discovered the podcast “Raising Good Humans,” and I am really enjoying it! It’s all about what it sounds like: Raising good humans. As a parent, I just want my child to be a good person, with a kind heart. The episodes are always science-backed and very empowering for parents, discussing mindfulness tactics and how to use self-compassion to better connect with your children.

The books my toddler is currently obsessed with

We love all of the Karen Katz books. They are lift-the-flap books, so they’re very interactive — the drawings are cute and colorful, and they’re usually tailored to a season or theme. Right now, my daughter is obsessed with the Halloween version called Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?

What I’m currently reading myself

I really love fiction, it’s how I unwind at night! Readers of my blog know that I’m a huge fan of the thriller/mystery genre. The book I’m currently reading is The It Girl, by Ruth Ware. It’s a page-turner!

The beauty product I never leave the house without

Lipstick! My favorite is Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk. It’s the perfect berry and neutral shade that looks like your natural lips, but better.

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The apps that make my life as a parent easier

We have been using the Huckleberry app since Kennedy was just a newborn! When she was younger, we tracked Kennedy’s sleep and diaper changes. Now we just track her sleep. It’s an extremely helpful app — it notifies us when she’s reached a new milestone or when it’s time to change her nap schedule. As a new parent, getting your baby to sleep is essential, and this app has been beneficial for us in the process.

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The music we listen to as a family

Right now, we have “Wheels on the Bus” playing on repeat in our household! It’s my daughter’s favorite song, and she asks for it over, and over, and over again (haha). I can’t wait until she’s a little older and we can all listen to some classics together. My husband and I love a lot of the ’70s bands and artists like Marvin Gaye, Queen and Frankie Valli. 

TV shows we actually enjoy watching together

My daughter’s favorite TV show is Songs for Littles. My husband and I watch it with her, and we like to dance and sing the songs with her. We probably look totally goofy from an outsider’s perspective, but she loves it!

The parenting accounts I love to follow

I love following Biglittlefeelings, an Instagram account run by two moms and child therapists. They give amazing and practical advice for moms, usually in an entertaining and comedic format. I love their approach to teaching toddlers about learning and labeling their feelings — their advice is truly invaluable when your toddler is having a meltdown or is experiencing anger or frustration for the first time.

My favorite subscriptions for my toddler

We are subscribed to the Lovevery play kits since Kennedy was a newborn. Every couple of months, they send a box filled with toys tailored to your child’s learning during critical developmental windows. The toys are well-made, consist of sustainably-harvested wood, organic cotton and non-toxic paint, and have become some of Kennedy’s favorite toys! We have saved all of them for baby number two and will introduce them to her as she ages into them.

My favorite bath & skincare products for toddlers

Kennedy has really sensitive skin, so we have to be very careful what we put on her skin. We really love using Tubby Todd All Over Ointment on her after bath time. It keeps her skin soft and moisturized, but it’s free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, preservatives and BPA.

The one product my toddler can’t be without

Our toddler still loves her pacifier! She’s 23 months old right now, but we do plan to wean her by the time she reaches age two. She just loves it so much and it helps her sleep at night!

The clothing brand that helps me ‘mom’ in style

I recently came out with a clothing collection with Liverpool Los Angeles — the entire collection is available at Nordstrom and consists of easy, classic items for your wardrobe, like great-fitting denim and cozy cardigans.

The quality is outstanding. As a mom, it’s nice to have pieces that you can rely on and put on over and over again, knowing that they’re going to withstand the test of time and the washing machine. They even hold up with food stains and paint — Kennedy likes to put all of my clothes to the test! As for my favorite item, definitely the Gia Glider Jean. It’s actually a pull-on pant, but it looks like a real pair of jeans, complete with a button and working pockets. It’s so nice to be able to pull them on in the morning and go!

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