5 rules that will not let diabetes

The incidence of diabetes can be prevented in 80% of cases, it was stated by the acting Minister of health Suprun. According to her, 50% of cases of type 2 diabetes people living with him, not knowing that they are sick, for this disease characterized by long duration without showing critical symptoms.

The expert said about what rules are necessary to avoid getting diabetes.

Rule 1: balanced diet. According to the doctor, is particularly at risk with respect to the risk of diabetes is the consumption of high-calorie foods that are high in sugar and different additives. In addition, you should abandon or minimize the quantity of processed food – sausages, products made from white flour and rice.

Not to diabetes, it is important to eat fiber – vegetables and fruits. The expert was advised to eat regularly legumes – they are a regular presence on the table allows you to eat less calories not to gain weight and to have the minimum risk of developing diabetes.

Rule 2: maintain a healthy weight. Suprun stressed that obesity and a larger waist is the evidence of insulin resistance, which is developing prediabetes and then diabetes. Fat affects the maintenance of levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, so it is important to stay at one weight and not to gain weight. The greater the share of body fat, the higher the risk of diabetes.

Rule 3: be physically active. You must use any possibility for movements. Weekly body should get about 150 minutes of aerobic activity of moderate character or 75 minutes of intense exercise.

Rule 4: do not smoke. Scientific evidence suggests that smokers are 30-40% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than non smokers. The risk of diabetes in smokers is higher due to the fact that substances from cigarette smoke getting to them in the body, causing inflammation, damage and oxidation of cells.

Rule 5: be examined. If some people in my family are diabetics, it is vital to check the blood sugar level and seek treatment if increasing. The concentrations of sugars from 5.7 to 6.4 is a serious reason for such appeals.

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