6 causes of morning headaches

Morning headache is among the most common disorders of the body. Scientists from Germany spoke about the six typical reasons for such pain.

The first reason: excessive sleep. Prolonged sleep reduces the concentration of serotonin in the brain, and therefore decreases the flow of blood and therefore oxygen to the brain, all together provides the appearance of morning headaches. Shouldn’t sleep more than 8 hours, experts say.

The second reason: lack of sleep. Lack of sleep stimulates the synthesis of stress hormones, which leads to palpitations and high blood pressure. If you sleep only 5-6 hours, morning headache will definitely make themselves felt.

The third reason: alcohol. Alcohol consumption triggers dehydration. As a result, the blood thickens and slows blood flow, the brain does not receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Headache in this case is inevitable.

Reason four: depression. Morning people with depression “love” attack of headaches. However, it is not surprising. In this disorder, the dream changed: you experience the insomnia, abnormal somnolence. A sleep deficit or surplus, as has been said, bad effect on blood circulation to the brain and cause pain.

The fifth reason: caffeine. Excess caffeine produced per day not only from coffee but also from tea, energy drinks, chocolate, gives you time to sleep. The result is lack of sleep, and, then, and morning headache.

Reason six: hormones. The body can produce too a large number of “happiness hormones” endorphins that are produced in response to stress and pain. An excess of endorphins leads to increased levels of stress hormone cortisol, and with it to lack of sleep, pressure, headache.

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