Curious winter allergies: patient shows severe allergic reactions to winter cold

21-year-old woman allergic to the Winter

Many people stay in the Winter indoors because temperatures feel the cold very unpleasant. In the case of a young woman from Canada, the cold can be, but sometimes even dangerous to life. Because the 21-Year-old suffering from a cold Allergy.

Several stays in hospital due to cold Allergy

Dry skin in the Winter is truly nothing out of the ordinary. Also other skin problems are common in the cold Season. In the case of people suffering from a “cold urticaria” (also known as “Allergy to cold”), the low temperatures, particularly intense: itching, hives, swelling, or redness of the skin. In the worst case, it may even lead to a life-threatening allergic shock. A young woman from Canada is especially suffering from the rare disease. The 21-Year-old had to several times, therefore, even to the hospital.

Suffocation-Like Shortness Of Breath

The urticaria, hives or nettle rash, is the most common disease of the skin. Approximately one in four people suffering at some point in his life at least once.

The causes of hives can have many different reasons: incompatibility, infections or physical stimuli such as pressure or light.

“Cold can be a trigger for urticaria”, writes the German Allergy and asthma Federation (DAAB) on its website.

“In the affected “cold-allergic” itching, hives, swelling, or redness of the skin,” says the expert.

And: “In very rare but dangerous cases, the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat area to swell, and suffocation – like shortness of breath can lead.”

Even the Opening of the refrigerator can be problematic

In the case of Arianna Kent, the complaints are often so strong that they must because of their “Allergy to cold” again and again to the hospital.

According to a report in the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, lives the 21-Year-old in Edmonton, Canada, where temperatures up to -40 ° C can be reached.

Avoiding it is often to leave the house, even to Go to your car “is potentially dangerous”.

The information that you do not need to be careful when you step Out, but when she opens the refrigerator, eats ice cream or a glass with ice.

“I’ve probably had thousands of reactions,” said the 21-Year-old.

It’ll start mostly with a rash on the Arm that is getting bigger and bigger. The disease “causes, that my skin burns and itches. For my throat it is like Asthma.“

She added: “I can get an anaphylactic shock, so I have to carry an EpiPen with me.”

Improvement through change in Diet

“People don’t believe me or don’t know that it is a true Allergy,” said the young woman, who had the first allergic reactions the age of 14, as she shoveled snow.

Even Doctors are often clueless, but in the meantime you could deal better with the patient.

“Most of the time, when I get to the hospital now, I’m two hours there. You give me adrenaline and warm liquids,“ the 21-Year-old.

With time, Ms. Kent was able to reduce the number of hospital admissions from three times a month to Once a month.

This became possible because they changed their diet, and their consumption of foods that contain histamine, have been reduced.

You can avoid foods such as cheese, yogurt, cream, pickled vegetables and pineapple. (ad)