Brain-Doping: This pill makes you smarter – but you are risking your life – Video

Stress of an upcoming exam or an important negotiation brings many people into temptation, the drug-Turbo. According to the latest studies, there is a suitable means. Working like students, hope to a better brain performance – and risk their lives in the process.

  • Doctors prescribe Modafinil only against narcolepsy.
  • The drug is needs since years as a brain-Booster, miss.
  • The increase in sales, especially in the USA rapidly.

Many students and professionals resort to medication as a pick-me-up and brain-Booster, to be all day highly concentrated and make no mistakes.

One of the most popular medium in the United States, the drug Modafinil. Doctors prescribe it in Germany, only patients with narcolepsy – a severe disease, the Affected leaves, all of a sudden and at any place to sleep.

Under the Hand of the active ingredient is traded, however, for years as a “Smart Drug” as a drug that makes you smart. Especially in the USA, where the delivery of the drug is much less controlled, it is also Healthy to keep your mental capabilities, boost.

Sales rapidly increased

There sales have increased dramatically in recent years: from $ 196 million in 2002 to 988 million dollars in the year 2008. More recent Figures are not available. A survey among readers of the science magazine “Nature” from 2008 showed that one in five has doped once, his brain, nearly half of them had used Modafinil.

A survey conducted by the DAK from the year 2009 came to a similar conclusion. Thus, five percent of employed 20 – to 50-Year-olds in Germany have taken once of mood-enhancing or performance-enhancing drugs.

This phenomenon took researchers from Harvard and Oxford to the occasion, to verify the positive effect of the Agent in more detail. Your result: The drug makes people actually more creative and smarter and can help you to make decisions and solve problems.

Ruairidh Battleday from the University of Oxford and his colleague, Anna-Katharine Brem of the Harvard Medical School were evaluated for their meta-study of all studies, a total of 24 – published between 1990 and 2014.

Significant effect on more complex tasks

They found that Modafinil has no significant effect on working memory – short-term, the active ingredient Remember is so useless. It is different, however, for more complex tasks: “Here, Modafinil seems to increase the spiritual benefits of reliable