Dangerous ignorance: These cancer-symptoms disregard the majority of the people – Video

Cancers are diverse, their symptoms are extremely different. Many people are not aware of the signs, or take potential warning signs are not serious. This is mainly because that the symptoms for cancer are also often more benign diseases. However, through regular checkups and early start of treatment the chances of recovery could be significantly increased. These 5 signs of cancer you should not ignore:

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1. Persistent Cough. Cough is usually associated with a cold or a flu-like effect and is no cause for concern. Who but a persistent cough should undergo a more detailed examination – medical specialists advise: “most of the time a cough means cancer. But a persistent cough needs to be investigated to find out if it could be lung cancer,“ says Therese Bartholomew from the Cancer Prevention Center.

2. Persistent Heartburn. Heartburn can have many causes: for example, excessive Stress, or to fat and sweet food. The symptoms only occasionally, there is no reason to worry. However, continuous heartburn is an indication of the pharynx and larynx can be cancer.

3. Itchy Skin. The danger of moles, it is often underestimated: A mole can become a malignant melanoma develop – so a black skin cancer. There are signs: Persistent itching or Burning at the relevant point of Time. A person notice this symptoms, physicians recommend a visit to the skin doctor.

4. Blood in the stool. Blood in the stool can be numerous causes and most of them point to the more benign disease than cancer: Some of the main causes are hemorrhoids or minor tearing to the Mucous membrane. Specialists recommend a yearly examination of the stool from the age of about 50 years.

5. Swollen Lymph Nodes. Persistently swollen lymph nodes, not pain, may be an indication of cancer of the lymph nodes. In particular, if this pain persists-free swelling over a longer period of time and not back. A medical examination is therefore recommended.