Global warming provokes mental disorders — experts

The increase in temperature worldwide, which will happen as a result of global warming, affects the psychological health of people.

To such conclusion scientists from the American University in Arizona that from 2000 to 2012, collecting data, analyzing the status of the two million inhabitants of the United States. It was found that increasing the temperature even one degree in the last five years has provoked the emergence of new mental disorders, according to Planet Today.

As previously reported Federal news Agency, the Ministry of natural resources recorded an increase in average annual air temperature in the Arctic zone of the country by 3.23 degrees. This is a record warming in the XXI century, which may result in serious consequences.

Climate scientists have long feared that global warming could trigger melting of polar ice that will raise the level of the oceans, loss of fresh water, changing ocean currents and, consequently, to a global reorganization of the climate on the planet. It is not excluded that all these processes are accompanied by natural disasters of catastrophic magnitude.