High blood pressure important NAPs

The study, conducted by scientists in Greece showed that Napping is important for the state of hypertensive patients because it is a kind of “medicine”. Research has specialinternational that sleep during the day helps reduce high blood pressure.

“Sleep in the middle of the day is associated with lower blood pressure and fewer episodes of hypertension,” said the authors.
Their project involved 386 patients with hypertension. It was 200 men and 186 women, whose average age was just over 61 years. The researchers performed an analysis taking into account such factors affecting the pressure like age, gender, weight, Smoking, of alcohol, coffee and salt, physical activity. The results showed that even under those circumstances, a NAP can be considered important for hypertensive patients as a means of pressure reduction.

“People who sleep during the day have 5% lower average systolic blood pressure”, noted scientific experts.
In order to best understand how significant for hypertension health the effect of daytime sleep, the scientists noted that the only difference is 2 mm Hg.St. in systolic pressure reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 10%.
In addition, the researchers reported that daytime sleep, even in the form of a light slumber, more useful in hypertension than it is longer. The longer the NAP, the lower systolic pressure and, probably, the less you will need of medicines, said the experts.

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