Millions do it every day: 3 habits that can destroy their liver without alcohol – Video

The liver controls hormone balance and regulates the protein, fat and sugar metabolism in the body. A healthy liver is therefore vital. What few people know is that the damage you add to the Organ not only with too many Drinks, but also with other habits.

The liver detoxifies our bodies by reducing substances and excretes. In addition, it stores vitamins, and produces vital proteins. That excessive alcohol consumption harms the body, many be aware of. But other habits can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or a diseased fatty liver. Which in turn increases the risk for Diabetes, Hepatitis and liver cell cancer.

1. You eat a lot of fruit.

Various studies suggest that fruit sugar, also fructose increases the risk of a fatty liver. Although it is mostly very small studies, or studies in mice, however, experts warn, the impact of fructose on health. While many people of their health for the sake of fat and carbohydrates, care the least on the fructose content of foods. This is 100 grams more fructose Apples than 100 Milli-Cola liters.

Our PDF guide explains the most important functions of the liver and how it symptoms such as Völlegefühle fight.

3. You move too little.

Being overweight is damaging to the liver. Because excess fat the body stores not only the skin but also the internal organs. The tissue secretes, among others, proinflammatory from the messengers. Those who exercise regularly, can prevent a fatty liver.

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