Number of infections is rising rapidly! WHO reports an alarming Trend in measles infections

Many consider measles largely eradicated. The make reckless, warn experts of the world health organization now. The latest Figures of the new Infections were alarming.

The rapidly rising number of measles infections alerted the world health organization (WHO). 2017 had been 30 percent more cases reported than in the previous year, reported the organization of the United Nations in Geneva on Thursday. This year, in turn it had been to November, ten percent more cases than in 2017.

Original goal was it, the measles up to the year 2020 to eradicate. The WHO is skeptical as to whether this succeeds. There is concern over the development in Germany, WHO experts have said.

It is huge progress had been made – now threaten, in an easily sense tilt

No doubt there were since the year 2000, huge progress, said Martin Friede of the WHO Department of vaccines. The number of infections had decreased since then to 85 percent. 21 million people were rescued, life is so, is clear from a new analysis of all the data of the WHO and the US health authority CDC.

But we are victims of our own success, peace. Because many parents see in countries such as Germany, hardly any measles cases, you underestimated the risk and were reckless. Measles is a highly contagious, sometimes fatal disease with many complications, warned the WHO Impfexpertin Ann Lindstrand.

In 37 out of the 53 European countries, the measles are not considered to be eradicated in Germany

Of the 53 countries in the WHO European Region have been eliminated according to the German National verification Commission for measles/rubella (NAVKO) 37 the measles. Germany is not one of them. 2016 325 cases have been reported in the past year, 929, informed the NAVKO in November.

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In 2017, the world of 190,000 cases were known. 110,000 people died of measles, most of them children, according to the WHO. It is, according to peace, that only a very small part of the increase back to 30 percent to better Monitoring. The number of cases has actually increased. The true number of cases is still significantly higher than that of the registered: 6.7 million worldwide.