Rakul Preet Singh relies on this yogic kriya to cleanse stomach; know all about it

This yogic kriya is practised in the morning on an empty stomach and can be done once a week or as part of an occasional detox

On International Yoga Day 2021, Rakul Preet Singh revealed the yogic practice she began her day with. Taking to Instagram, the Sardar Ka Grandson actor shared that she started Yoga Day with ‘kunjar kriya’, as advised by her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal.

Kunjar or kunjal kriya is a yogic process of cleansing the food pipe and the stomach. It is practised in the morning on an empty stomach.




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What is the process? According to pranayoga.co.in, prepare 1.5l of lukewarm salty water solution. Stand and drink the water, as much as you can, without pausing. Now lean forward, over a bucket or toilet and rub the back of your tongue with the index and middle fingers. You will feel an urge to vomit with which the water will come out. Continue the process till your stomach is empty. Do not eat for at least 20 minutes.

This can be done once a week or as part of an occasional detox.

“Feeling super clean, light, happy and energetic,” Rakul Preet wrote on Instagram while talking about the yogic kriya.

Kunjal kriya also helps with indigestion and acidity. It removes excess mucus and helps in curing cough, sore throat and other mild respiratory issues.

However, it is recommended that people with blood pressure issues, heart problems, ulcers and hernia should avoid this technique.

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