The Two Things Halle Berry Swears By To Get Rid Of 'Pesky Bloating'

Here’s a sweeping statement for you: there are few things in life more awks than being gassy AF. But dw, it happens to the best of us (Halle Berry included.)

Last week, the 52-year-old actress sat down with her trainer Peter Thomas for her #FridayFitness ‘PHIT Talks’ segment (c/o her Instagram stories) to chat through everything she does to keep bloating at bay.

“I personally used to have this problem with bloating and I found that charcoal, especially derived from coconuts, is probably the best thing you can do for gas, bloating and people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” Thomas said.

“Another thing you can do is use fennel seed or drink fennel seed tea. It’s pretty easy to find and I like to combine the two together. It’s a really pleasant taste if you’re into fennel.”

But as Halle said, be warned: “it’s not the charcoal used to cook with.” Instead, she swears by Bulletproof’s Coconut Charcoal capsules for relieving any discomfort and pain while simultaneously promoting better digestion and removing toxins and bacteria from the body.

“The company here – Bulletproof – they make some great stuff,” Thomas added. “This is my go-to and it’s very high absorbancy. There’s a lot of different charcoal products out there but this one is just really, really good.”

And if you need any further proof that this stuff works, we’ll just leave this here…

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