Will grow hair after stress hair loss?

Stress hair loss is quite common. And many of his victims care about, will grow hair back after the disappearance of stress.

As a rule, stress hair loss develops within weeks.In this period the person may lose a significant part of the hairline or fully bald. Blood tests record high level of testosterone, which doctors often recommend to use special tools that prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosteron. But the question remains is, can hair grow back after the stressor is resolved. Note that mechanical stress alopecia is caused by attack of immune cells on the hair follicles, causing inflammatory processes that damage them. This is what leads to hair loss.

Called medicine alopecia areata stress alopecia can occur in men and women of any age. Most often it manifests itself not full, but partial hair loss and the appearance on the head of bald spots. Approximately 10% of victims of alopecia areata are also faced with the irregularities of the nails, known as onycholysis (separation of nail from nail bed). Each 10, the disorder leads to complete baldness and loss of hair on whole body, even including eyebrows.

The reason for this hair loss can be not only stress, but also autoimmune diseases and vitiligo, psoriasis, disorders of the thyroid gland and allergies. If stress hair loss is manifested only small bald spots on the head, approximately 50% of cases hair is restored later. If hair loss is more significant, and they begin to grow back within a year, it is likely that hair recovery is unlikely or impossible. Unfortunately, stress baldness cannot be cured. Will not help and the means to block testosterone because they in no way affect the original cause of baldness, so he would just have to adapt to the new situation. (READ MORE)