“About the malignancy of tumors, ideally, can only be judged by a pathologist”

According to various estimates, the percentage of discrepancies between clinical and morphological diagnosis in Oncology is up to 30-40%. Official statistics are not gathered. The most serious errors are those when find cancer where there is none, or, conversely, missing a malignant tumor. Such cases are less, but the consequences are the same incorrectly chosen tactics of treatment, and the sad result.Thus, the farther the patient is from Central hospitals, the fewer the chances of adequate diagnosis.

Who are they cancer patients without morphological verification of diagnosis and stage of the disease, and what to do with them, tried to find out in the Chelyabinsk regional clinical center of Oncology and nuclear medicine. About the first results of a study presented at the recent Moscow International forum of Oncology and radiology, told Mednovosti head. orgettable and cancer register Irina Aksenova.