Running shoes with high cushioning can harm the feet

The experiments of scientists from the University of Helsinki ended with the verdict of experts that sneakers with high depreciation could have a greater harm to the feet of the people that’s running, as increase the risk of getting them injured.

Many manufacturers of sports shoes equipped with its shock-absorbing structures, which should soften the blow of feet about the earth, protecting it from damage and injury. However, during tests, researchers found that running shoes with high cushioning, conversely, increase the probability to injure the feet.

The test involved 12 runners who have used running shoes with a shock-absorbing cushion 33 mm and 43 mm. Scientists performed 3D analysis of running.

As a result, experts concluded that running shoes with high cushioning can harm the feet because they are less runners bend the knee and ankle joints. When this occurs additional strain on the legs, increasing their stiffness, and they are stronger than hit the ground. Particularly serious load on your feet in these sneakers increased when running at high speed.

“Natural running man springy, slightly Bouncing. In the shoes with high cushioning, for the preservation of Bouncing inertial motion needs to stretch his legs. As a result, the knees and ankles are bent less, resulting in increased risk of injury,” said the experts.
At the same time, the researchers noted that when walking in the shoes with high cushioning equally harmful to the feet effect of the Shoe was not observed.

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