My Mom, Daughter, and I Take a Girls' Trip Every Winter, and You Should, Too

As a Midwesterner, I like to say that I’m a fan of the seasons, but I’m lying. I pretty much despise Winter. Sure, I’ll admire the beauty of the first snowfall and revel in the guilt-free nature of Netflix binges in front of a fire (it’s too cold to do anything else), but really, my favorite part of Winter is escaping it. And my favorite excursion, undoubtedly, is the annual trip my mom, daughter, and I take for a long weekend in February.

Our destination is a resort where drinks are served on the beach and by the adjacent pool, and the preferred mode of transportation is a golf cart. And while that’s all part of the allure, it’s really the company that makes this particular trip one that I know all three of us will cherish for the rest of our lives.

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