This Viral Pic of a Stepdad & Bio Dad Is Co-parenting Goals (& Will Make You Cry)

As plenty co-parenting ex-couples will tell you, divorce is hard. Financial and legal battles abound. Plus, the emotional tug and pull between parents can be exhausting — even hurtful. But it doesn’t have to be: One trio of co-parents recently revealed how they make their blended family work, sharing several sweet photos of dad, stepdad and their shared daughter on Facebook.

The series of images, posted by Dylan Lenox, shows 6-year-old Willow with her biological dad and soon-to-be stepdad — kissing her, hugging her and showering her with love before a daddy-daughter dance.
“Our daughter Willow,” Lenox wrote. “You may never know how your love has changed us all.”

Lenox then went on to explain the image. “The guy to the left is myself (Daddy, Daddy Dylan or Bonus Dad), in the middle is of course our Princess Willow and the guy to the right is David [Mengon] (Daddy, Daddy David or biological Dad). No we are not a same sex couple, but we do share a daughter. David is Sarah’s ex husband and I am the Fiancé. We have molded ourselves into one unique family, of only for the sake of our children to know the power of love. Not only did I gain a daughter, I gained a brother and a best friend. Thank you Sarah for letting this all happen!”
We’re sure this level of peaceful, loving co-parenting ain’t easy. It took time, patience, love and a lot of work. But Lenox explained that he, Sarah and David believe their all-hands-on-deck approach to be best.

“When we care more about our children (on both sides of the party) than the way society has taught us to be towards (ex’s/baby mommas/daddy’s) then walls will fall, life will be free of hatred and remorse, and our children will conquer the foolish ‘norms’ that media has shoved in our faces,” Lenox wrote, adding that when David comes to visit, he stays in their home “because family is always welcome.”

“He is not an outsider, he is and will always be apart of my life for the simple fact that we share the same daughter! Of course not a single moment would be like this without Sarah (mommy) and her kind and generous heart! Willow Grace you are loved by so many people in this world and your Daddies love you!”

Oh my heart.

The post has gone viral — and for obvious reasons. More than 241,000 Facebook users liked their message and 138,000 have shared it. However, Lenox, Sarah and David didn’t expect their story to receive the attention it did. The family simply wanted to share a sweet and loving moment, but Sarah told People she hopes their post helps others. “I hope this inspires families to realize there’s hope to make co-parenting work,” Sarah said. “You have to put in the effort and remember to put your feelings aside and focus on what is best for your children. Show them love, forgiveness, and kindness. It’s important that we teach our children that!”

And she’s right. Whether divorce is a factor or not, all children can — and should — learn the power love, empathy, compassion and grace.

But that’s not all. Lenox wrapped up his post by letting the ladies know that David is single — because why not? I mean, bros gotta look out for one another.

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