In the human brain opened the of the unknown plot

Employees of Scientific research Institute of Australia opened in the structure of the human brain previously unknown site located near the area where the brain connects with the spinal cord. About this important discovery, reported Science Alert.

Open scientists previously unknown area in the brain called the nucleus endorestiform. According to experts, this area of the human brain associated with processing sensory and motor information from the body. The signals of this area affect posture, coordination and movement.

Open yet unknown structure of the human brain was due to the fact that scientists have tested the method using coloring features to facilitate the distribution of groups of neurons according to their functions. This plot is situated within the cerebellar stem at the lower base of the brain near the site, which is responsible for the spinal cord.

According to scientists, their outdoor area is inherent only in the human brain – in animals and primates this structure is not found. Presumably, this zone differs from others in that it is responsible for fine motor skills, so it is no one but man.
However, for final claims must be received for information, and scientists will continue to study the human brain using MRI. They also intend to examine more closely the brain of the chimpanzee,our closest relatives genetically speaking.

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