Transfusion of young blood restores damaged liver

Experts Huajumbaro University of science and technology in China has received confirmation of the therapeutic effect of the transfusions of young blood plasma. In particular, it became clear what the transfusion triggers mechanisms of accelerated liver regeneration after injury.

In a press release on EurekAlert! it is the opinion of the researchers that plasma transfusions of young blood helps to restore the liver after ischemia-reperfusion. This condition is very dangerous for a man: thus there is violation of blood supply of the liver, caused as consequences of the surgical intervention, and shock States (hypovolemic, hemorrhagic, traumatic, burn, septic shock).

Scientists have conducted an experiment with three groups of rats. In the first group of animals received injection of young blood plasma, the second plasma old blood. The third group was a control. In all three groups of rats subjected to as ischemia-reperfusion.
The results of the experiment were as follows. In the first group, where animals received injections of young blood plasma, the liver has recovered after the breach much faster.

Scientists admit that the method of plasma transfusions of young blood might be useful for people.

Previously, the journal Nature published the findings of a study conducted by researchers from London studied whether blood transfusion to stop the aging process. The researchers came to the conclusion that I can’t, but at the same time they received evidence that such experiences may prevent the development of in the elderly life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, dementia.

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