Mental retardation in children is associated with dirty air

Researchers from Lancaster University analysed information on the life and health of more than 18 thousands of British children born between 2000 and 2002, and concluded that dirty air can contribute to the development of mental retardation. It turned out that children with mental retardation often be just residents of areas with high levels of air pollution. About the discovery of scientists writes Journal of Intellectual Disability Research.

The study authors set out to test how air pollution in some areas Velikobritaniia with the presence of the children mental retardation – congenital or developing with age. Among children whose data were studied by specialists, 647 children were with mental retardation. After examining the features of their existence, scientists have discovered that the majority of children with this problem come from environmentally polluted areas.

“Children with cognitive impairment 33% more likely to be natives of the places with the increased level of emissions of diesel fuel, 30% more likely – places with high levels of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide, 17% more often with a high content in the air of sulfur dioxide” – are the experts.
Scientists emphasize that to say that mental retardation in children develops exclusively under the influence of dirty air and environment is not (at least yet). At the same time they are convinced that air pollution can adversely affect the health of children with cognitive impairment. According to who, over 80 percent residents of large cities breathe air in which the concentration of contaminants exceeds all acceptable norms.

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