Atrial fibrillation: sports helps as well as medications

What many people do not know with heart rhythm disturbances: Sport and Slimming effect like a drug. Unpleasant seizures can often be regular, loose endurance training reduce.

In Germany, two million people suffer almost in heart rhythm disorders associated with unpleasant seizures, to lawn in which there is heart, feeling of pressure in the chest, shortness of breath, dizziness and fear. The heart specialist Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Nowak from the Scientific Advisory Board of the German heart Foundation indicates that data can influence this behaviour: "For patients with atrial fibrillation exercise and losing weight are essential in order to reduce your risk for re-atrial fibrillation seizures dramatically."

A half-hour of fast walking

Sufferers benefit from a regular, low-to moderate-dose endurance training, three to five times per week for 20 to 30 minutes. This can, for example, Go fast, Jogging, rowing, walking, Cycling, or Dancing. So the risk for a re-atrial fibrillation over a Five-year period by more than a third reduce. Who loses in addition to ten percent of body weight, can increase its capacity by 50 percent and the risk for an attack of atrial fibrillation, a 75 percent decrease. Nowak says: "The effect is as large as you can reach it with drugs is hardly." Of extreme sports and dangerous or injury-prone sports, he advises, however.

Zusäadditional strength training reduces risk of falling

Who is completed with the addition of a low-dose of strength training, you can avoid falls. "Older people are especially affected by heart rhythm disorders, risk with strength training, fewer falls, and in everyday life is better zurecht", Nowak says. The training dose should be determined in consultation with the attending physician: heart medications can affect physical performance, so that optimal heart rate for Training should be better by a stress test at the doctor’s determined.



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