Dozens of infected slaughterhouse employees: the district of cracks Corona-upper limit

Also in Schleswig-Holstein, the district has now exceeded the of the Federal government and the countries set the upper limit of new Corona infections. With 87 confirmed current cases, of the circle stone castle was on Friday about the maximum number of 50 new infections are among per 100,000 inhabitants. The limit for the circle, with 131,000 inhabitants, is located according to the authorities, 66 new infections. Overall, there was yet 164 confirmed Covid-19-cases. Three people were killed. 74 are healthy again.


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Could the necessary measures yet to be made, said a spokeswoman for the circle. There is as yet no appropriate regulation of the country’s Ministry of health. Most of the Infected are Employees of a slaughterhouse in Bad Bramstedt (Kreis Segeberg). Most of the foreigners who work there, are housed on the site of a barracks in the district of steinburg, in a community accommodation. In the slaughterhouse there were up to Thursday 109 infections.

Three counties over the permissible Corona-maximum value

In Germany, there are more circles, which are above the permissible value. In the district of Coesfeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) was the number on Friday, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) at 52.7. The Virus had spread recently, especially in the meat processing plant West of meat in Coesfeld. There were recorded Infected, according to the circuit from Thursday 129. All of the 1200 employees are now to be tested.

The district of Greiz (Thuringia) has also exceeded the upper limit. Greiz registered according to data of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI; Stand 7.5 in., 0 PM) 80,5 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. The Federal government and the Länder had agreed on Wednesday that many restrictions, again, too loose. In case of Exceeding the upper limit must be implemented immediately, a limitation concept.

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