Fit, fitter, Joan MacDonald: 73-Year-old Fitness-Granny makes the Influencer look old

You can see in the Video, why this Elderly woman from Canada has hundreds of thousands of Instagram Followers.

What a role model! Allow Joan MacDonald. The Elderly woman from Canada is a passionate weightlifter. The 73-Year-old has taken off within 3 years, a proud 28 Kg. For this, she has put on some muscles! All 2016 began. At the time, Joan weighed 90 Kg at a body height of 1.60 m. she was given medicine for high blood pressure and heartburn, suffered from Edema in the ankles, Arthritis, and severe mood swings. The Turning Point? Her daughter Michelle had come out of concern to them, with tears in his eyes, as Joan reported. With the help of her daughter, a Personal trainer, weightlifter and a cook it went: “I learned for the first Time in my life, how to use an Iphone. I renewed my membership at the gym, bought a scale, a tape measure and went to work.” says Joan. and further: “It was incredibly hard work, […], but I never threw in the towel. I, however, remained in my arms and never gave up.” The hard work has paid off: the 73-Year-old, and now, about 750 thousand Instagram subscribers. For many of them, Joan is an Inspiration.