From the window to the patient – Doctor over warns: Talk to each other!

If, prior to the practice of Marian Opdensteinen patients arrive to be tested for the novel Coronavirus, then none of them is allowed in the treatment rooms in Kleinmachnow, near Berlin, to enter, in order to protect regular patients in the doctors house. The internist comes directly to the suspected cases, a tent in front of the practice acts as a temporary treatment room. A pragmatic solution to a complex Problem. But exceptional times call for exceptional measures – for each of us. “Unfortunately, I observe in my environment, if I go for a walk, that very many people still behave as if nothing had happened. It also makes me a bit nervous, but that is clear to me that we need very drastic measures to make people see the gradually, that she wears all of them, every Single one, responsibility.” At the carnival she had been nervous, reported Opdensteinen, and now relatively happy that the infection numbers are not even higher are gone. It is true, Public life gradually close off. For inevitable contacts the Doctor has a simple advice: Talk past each other! “The main problem is the personal contact. When talking to each other, the best, the other is there, at a two Meter distance and I was talking to there and he talks to da. So we are talking past each other. The best Version!”