Medic warns of painkiller: when Ibuprofen is causing physical damage – Video

Headaches are uncomfortable and inconvenient – many patients to swallow therefore Ibuprofen. However, much too often and for too long. Nobody thinks of the long-term damage. Pain experts such as Sven Gottschling’t ask for more, therefore, that the painkiller is freely available.

By excessive ingestion of Ibuprofen you risk stomach, according to the experts, and intestinal bleeding, and kidney damage, Gottschling to FOCUS Online. Frightening: In Germany there is every year more deaths caused by internal bleeding as a result of painkiller use, as in traffic accidents, so Gottschling. With a prescription, the misuse could be curbed.

Ibuprofen oral never longer than seven days

In the case of acute pain you may also access times to Ibuprofen, directs the physician. In the case of a tension headache or a sports injury, for example, a couple of days, but not longer than three to seven days.

But what you realize that you overdo it with the pain pills? According to Sven Gottschling has symptoms in the prompt Discontinuation of the drug withdrawal.
Who needs regular medication for pain, should therefore refrain from over-the-counter. Morphine was the according to experts, less dangerous than Ibuprofen. Pain threaten to become chronic, opioids help. However, these must be prescribed by the doctor.

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