Why avocado seeds never Video should throw away –

The flesh of the Avocado is healthy, rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids as well as minerals – so far nothing New. But did you know that the core of the Avocado is as healthy?

The Avocado fruit is healthy and delicious. This is true not only for the meat. The core is rich in nutrients and can be used. Simply, you should not throw it away. FOCUS Online shows you three examples of how you can use the avocado core in a meaningful way. The shell of the core is removed, he is versatile.

1) As an immune more meals

Health-promoting substances in the core of the Avocado can inhibit diseases relieve and inflammation. For the metabolism of important amino acids help to reduce cholesterol. Valuable antioxidants like flavonols help prevent gastro-intestinal diseases and protect against viruses or bacteria. In comminuted Form, in the core nutrients, including bitter substances, and various vitamins, easily with the meals to mix. As an additive in cereals, salads or Smoothies, the powder can promote humanized or roasted core, the well-being.

2) As Ankurbler to Remove

If the core is grated with water and infused as a tea is consumed, it can help in fat reduction. The reason is the thermo genetic properties of the grated core and the amino acids, which stimulate the metabolic activity in the body.

3) As a Refresher for skin and hair

The amino acids in the core of the Avocado have a positive effect on the collagen content of the skin. Mixed with water the powdered core can be applied as a Paste on the skin and blemishes as well as acne prevention. In conjunction with coconut or castor oil of the avocado seed powder can be applied also as a leave in on the hair. Mix together, apply and let it soak – then the hair is noticeably shinier and softer.


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