Of 47.2 years – at this age people are the most unhappy

Expensive cars, young mistresses, especially for men, the clichés of the Midlife Crisis are very pronounced. A recent study now shows that people actually reach the end of their forty years of your emotional depth and across countries, gender and income boundaries.

The course of happiness, have been around the globe a U-shaped curve, explained by the author of the study, the established economists David G. Blanchflower. At a young age people are very happy, with age, the decreases more and more, until around the age of 47 years, the low point is reached. Nevertheless, From then on, the own feeling of happiness increases with age, again.

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World-Wide Disaster

This curve is observed worldwide, as Blanchflower. He had evaluated surveys of 500,000 people from 132 countries for the feeling of happiness. Of course, there are slight differences. In developing countries, the low point would be, on average, about 48.2 years, in Western countries, and 47.2 years, so Blanchflower.

One of the most interesting differences concerning the sexes in the United States: Therefore, women in the US are there already with the end 30 is at the low point, the men reached him, however, with the beginning of 50 a little later than the global average. A Europe of both sexes reach their emotional Deep end with 40.

Surprisingly constant

Other factors excluded, considered the study, also correlations with relationship status, income, and employment status. The amazing results: These factors do not play a measurable role. The age of the low point stayed the same, always about.

“The shape of the curve remains the same, no matter whether in countries where the median income is high or low, or you live there longer or not,” summarizes the researcher. This would mean that the age would have, alone, an important role for our General feeling of happiness.

A final Declaration Blanchflower has not. The “Telegraph” he revealed that a study had observed a similar phenomenon in non-human primates. “Here happened something very natural, maybe it is in our genes”, speculated the researchers, was also on the Board of the Bank of England. “When one finds such a pattern of 132 countries, then it is really difficult to ignore it.”

Source: National Bureau of Economic Research

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