Study: New coronavirus variant of infectious when the original Virus

A currently the world’s dominant variation of the novel Coronavirus affecting a study, according to the human cells more easily than the original Virus from China. On Thursday in the journal “Cell” published study indicates that the now mutated Virus could be contagious than in China encountered archetype. Whether it is for the people of dangerous, however, is unclear.

For the study, researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and Duke University in North Carolina with a research group at the UK’s University of Sheffield came together and analyzed the genome sequences of Sars-CoV-2. You have already found out in April that the Virus variant D614G infected due to a single but decisive Change in a Protein to more cells under laboratory conditions.

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Patients with a mutated Virus is not severe ill

After criticism of the first study and, at the invitation of the “Cell”, added the researchers are now additional studies: Among other things, they analyzed the data of 999 British patients who had to be treated for Covid-19 in the hospital. They found that patients with the variant D614G contributed more virus particles in it but on the severity of the disease has changed nothing.

In laboratory tests, the ability of the virus variant to infect the human cells was three to six Times higher. “It looks as if it was a more powerful Virus,” said Erica Ollmann Saphire from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology, which was one of the experiments.

US virologist: The new variant is now the pandemic

“I think the data show that the Virus can replicate with the Mutation better and may have a high viral load can bring,” said US presidential Advisor Anthony Fauci of the study to the journal “Journal of the American Medical Association”. He pointed but at the same time that a confirmation of the Thesis are still missing. Uncertain is whether the variant trigger more severe diseases or not.

In a comment to the study, the virologist Nathan Grubaugh of the Yale School of Public Health, the fact was wrote, “the new variant is now the pandemic”. For the people, but only a little to change the fact: Even if this could influence the development of a drug or a vaccine, “we do not expect that D614G will change our control measures, or the individual aggravate infections.”

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