Accommodations fully booked, restaurants full: the Swedish ski resort of Åre, a new Corona-cooker?

There is hardly a country in the world is spared from the corona of a crisis. Also, Sweden does not. According to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in the USA, more than 2000 infections have been previously registered. 25 people have died in the Scandinavian state Covid-19.

But while neighboring countries such as Norway and Denmark, have introduced strict measures in the fight against the spread of the novel Coronavirus, is driving Sweden a rather more lax of the course.

Profit before health

The Corona-Hotspot: What happened in Ischgl?

For EU citizens, the borders are still open. The primary schools and the kindergartens are in operation, all of the stores allowed to remain open. On Sunday evening the social democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven speech to the Nation. However, there is no tightening of the rules were announced, but only an appeal, even if he described the Situation as serious: “life, health, and jobs are threatened. More (people) will become sick, need to say goodbye once and for all from a loved one,” he quoted the Swedish broadcaster SVT, the head of government.

At the same time Löfven warned that short-term, drastic might be possible in the country so the Danish TV station TV2.

Doctors warn of laxem course

Some of the measures in Sweden already in force, such that all events with more than 500 people are banned. Anyone who can should work from home and travel is under reported But all do not seem to hold.

Ski resort in Tyrol

As the Après-Ski Mecca of Ischgl to a Coronavirus-the Hotspot for half of Europe

In the ski resort of Sälden was celebrated according to the news Agency, DPA, in the last few days extensively. The organizer is insured in the TV that you can think of the requirements, and that the Après-Ski Party no more than 499 persons would be admitted.

Doctors have warned in the past that the winter tourism would have to be set in the country urgently, so There will be tougher measures would be required. So Björn Olsen, Professor of infectious medicine at the University of Uppsala, asked in the newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet”, said: “we learned from the Italian Alps to nothing about how lightning can spread out quickly?” In spite of the warnings was celebrated at the weekend, as well as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported. The 35.000 guest beds in the ski resort of Åre were sold out. Pictures of the Swedish newspaper “Expressen” show full pubs.

Ski resorts respond to criticism

On the other side of the border, in Norway, are orphaned for the ski resorts. Norway has forbidden its inhabitants to their huts, because the medical help was not there, guaranteed. However, the municipality of Åre indicates that you have no legal options to close ski resorts as it is done in the neighbouring country. The authorities would work closely together.

Meanwhile, the massive criticism of riotous Après-Ski parties clearly shows effect. Several Restaurants and Clubs in the ski resorts would have set the weekend of its operation, the DPA.

On the website the night clubs Bygget and After Skin in Åre, it was said on Saturday: “Since the emphasis in the fight against infections is now up to the fact that people gather in the interior rooms, we do not see any other action than this. This is the hardest time, we and our industry have ever experienced.” Also in Sälen and Idre, the night clubs had closed, reported SVT.

Åre is reporting multiple infections with Coronavirus

However, the reaction could come too late. As SVT reported, have been tested in the Region of Jämtland, 54 people positive for the Virus in Sars-CoV-2 – 15 in Åre. On Friday the first case was there, according to “Svenska Dagbladet” known. The infection control doctor Micael Widerström said SVT, the infection in the place would be transferred from Person to Person. Several of the cases could be linked with Après-Ski event in Åre, so “Sveriges Radio”, citing a spokesperson for the Region.

And it could get worse. Would Easter, many of the ski tourists are expected, up to 17,000, as “Expressen”. Many of Stockholm would make the pilgrimage to the approximately 600 kilometers North of the capital, nearby ski slopes, reports the Danish newspaper “Berlingske”.

Johan Carlson, Director-General of the Swedish public health Department, stressed that skiing could be within Sweden is a large risk for the spread of infections. The newspaper “Expressen” quotes him with the words: “Consider whether the trip you wish to take, is really necessary.” Sofia Leje from the local health authority warned at SVT, winter sports resorts such as Åre not have sufficient capacity to treat thousands of sick tourists.

On Monday, the problem in the Swedish winter sports areas, according to several media, the health authorities will be discussed. Then, potentially, to new, tougher regulations could be decided.

Sources: news Agency DPA, SVT, TV2, Åre municipality,, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “Expressen”, “Dagens Nyheter”, “Svenska Dagbladet”, “Sveriges Radio”, “Berlingske”, Johns Hopkins University

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