Suddenly seniors: The retirement plan

Sleep, gemüknowingly frühstücover, maybe a walk, before it goes to the language course. After a long NAP at noon, it is finally time to maintain the photo albums for years on the shelf gathering dust. In the evening, meet friends, drink and have a chat – without the Monday in the neck. Bücher read stack for so long. Cycling, to dig in the garden, week-long trip, because no-one more vacation days zählt. 

So free and relaxed many Berufst&auml paint;from term retirement. But not always, this idea is also used to Realität. make The most of, although in time üabout your ­financial Situation according to the working life, stumble ­without any Plan für the everyday life in retirement.

Today’s Pensionäre gesüand have more energy

But the new freedom will ausgefüllt will be. What it takes is a Vision, a Plan, of the näfor the next decades trägt. No Generation before remained after the departure from the profession for so many healthy years of life. Our Großparents buckled down until shortly before her death, are the most Pensionäre today, fit and active. "The 65-Jämen are in terms of your state of health for ten years jünger as a frühere Generationen", the Psycho&shy says;login and age researcher Ursula Staudinger. "You have a lot more Energie", the Professor of the Columbia-Universität (USA). Only a few müfrom health Grüthe give up work. 

According to can be hard letting go, because the profession is für many but more than just a livelihood. Über of years he was the dominant Größe in our life is – not only in terms of daily routine and money. "A lot of experience working as a very sinnstiftend", Professor Tim Hagemann from the University of applied Sciences of Diaconia in Bielefeld says. "You erfährt by you Wertschäup and is socially involved. This föpromotes the köphysical and mental health." Blood pressure, digestion, immune system – all of this will through appropriate professional Täactivities and a structured daily life is positively influenced. 

The classic picture of retirement, which freed people from work, was therefore üobsolete, also says Staudinger. "Nevertheless, in spite of this incision is important. The retirement has a protective function für all, the köthe physically and mentally erschöare pft. Außbesides, it offers the Möurgent, life without the pressure to justify re-shape köcan." 

To the relief of boredom follows

For most Newly-retired people, the zei­gen studies, tatsäactually, once relief. Not the clock, not by the jam quälen, not with the chief herumärgern. "In the research, it can be &shy often a so-called;Honeymoon Phase beobachten", erklärt Dr. Andreas Mergenthaler from the Bundes­Institute für Bevöpopulation research. "In the first few months, many report a very high satisfaction with life, as the Zwäthe length of the working world immediately have left behind and now the things devote köcan für you früno time had."

But after a few weeks, a certain Emptiness is often. The hours pass uneventfully, and at the end of the day, the question arises: What have I actually done all the time? "If the recovery period lasts too long, under the claim ein", Staudinger says. "And a certain amount of Ernükilled on."

Critical life event: retirement can also mean Stress

Spätesting then shows that the pension is not automatically the absence of Stress and pressure means. "The Retirement is a critical Lebens­­ereignis", weiß Occupational health psychologist Hagemann. On a ranking of more than 40 stressful experience, developed by two ­­Psychiatrists, evidenced by the retirement, after all, place 10. Without a fixed daily structure, without professional contacts-related social, without Wertschäup in the Job from a lot of people rapidly.

In a großen comparative study with data from eleven Indus­trielächange has investigated expert Staudinger the consequences. Their conclusion: "The pension is a risk für the köphysical, mental, and emotional health. The Zurüwithdraw from the öpublic life has far-reaching consequences für the Leistungsfäability, health status, self-esteem and the Identität. "

Freizeitpläne alone köcan Lebensqualität do not receive

Thus, the Ütransition without serious consequences succeed, help frühzeitige preparation and conscious ­Planning. However, the least pensioners of tomorrow beschäwe deal with the challenges that the new Le­bens­­phase. According to a survey conducted by the Sinus Institute is only a F&uuml set;nftel the 40 – to 55-Jämen.

The study "Transitions and Old Age Potential" (TOP) of the Federal Institute für Bevöpopulation research showed that only about Häof those, the change in the retirement of half concrete Pläne für is the time after the professional life. They want to carry, especially traveling and their Hobbies. "Aktivitäten, the first and foremost joy of life and self-realization ausdrücken", as in the investigation heißt. ­

It involves far more. "This Freizeitpläne will have a relatively short-term impact on the life satisfaction and well-being of the people in the Ruhestand", Mergenthaler, who coordinated the TOP study says. Für the medium – and long-term preservation of the Lebensqualität the commitment of the company or the family is crucial, for example through voluntary work or the Küinhibitors to the grandchildren.

Wish grandma or volunteer work: of The click to the Hobby

Who is next to the ­Professional life or after varied needs, find information on the Internet:

Do you love children? Wish grandma’s and grandpa’s looking for under

Desire, experience and Knowledge to pass on? The Senior expert (

You want to volunteer get involved? Möopportunities you can find on

Tips für the pension obligations and social contacts

Researcher Aging Staudinger pläcoded dafür to devote himself to in the rest of the stamp collection. "Für us human beings, it is important to have a gesellschaft­to make a contribution." It recommends two ingredients für a erfülltes Rentner­life: obligations and social contacts außoutside of the family."

If you köfrom a physical gebrech­more so, it is harder, the inner pig dog üit is necessary to overcome. Because it helps to be forced, not just the pleasant things." Acquaintances außoutside of the closest circle to train mental Fäskills. "Other people give us new impulses, they force us to interact and us to unknown situations. The hält mentally fit." 

Gradual withdrawal from working life can be helpful

However, interests, tasks, and acquaintances sprießen of the day X not plövulnerable from the bottom. The base floor must be before the date of retirement. Only those who früactivity at an early stage of his time planning to the professional exit can address the new phase of life relaxed. "Ideally, a stage is wise Ausstieg", psychologist Tim Hagemann says. "Who can, should his working time to reduce slowly – and not from 100 to 0.&;.

So as to gain Stück für Stück freedoms and könne will begin to make this auszufücases. For example, contacts knübounce or reactivate, Hobbies, record, or revive, hädomestic duties, a new split, a new day find seminars and courses, try things out and, eventually, discard them.

Another advantage is "Kontinuität facilitates the Übergang", Ursula Staudinger says. "You should dar&uuml therefore, not only 60;ber thinking, what a Spaß ." Üyou see the light in the middle Lebens­­phase: What erfüllt me? Where can I find Wertschäsetting up and connecting? What tasks give me a sense and Bestäwork hardening? This can be a volunteer, but also paid work. Expert Staudinger: "It is important to be in an endless leisure, event road, but a new Gefüto find hl the meaning of life."