Genetically modified babies are born more soon

A sensational experiment (if, of course, real) birth of genetically modified children in China continues. Scientist embryologist Cisangkuy he announced the birth of the world’s first children from embryos with the edited genome, reported: soon the light will be still the same GMO-children.

Chinese scholar said that in an experiment involving 8 couples in which the father was HIV positive, and mother is healthy. At the moment, according to him pregnant with another one of the women who participated in this study. So soon will be born a new genetically modified children, and then maybe another and another. The experimenter thinks that way. He said during his speech at the summit dedicated to the editing of the human genome, held at the University of Hong Kong.

Recall that Cisangkuy Hae stirred the public stating that he edited the genome of the embryos using the tool CRISPR-Cas9. Thus the genetically engineered children born from these embryos received resistance to HIV.

Commenting on the precedent with the birth of genetically modified children, the University where the scientist worked, made a statement about what the University knew nothing about the conducted research. The specialist claims that he was working on his own money and virtually no one shared the results of their actions. He also noted that the scientific publication describing the experiment with genetically modified children already adopted one of the scientific journals, though he didn’t say exactly how.

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