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Lolo Jones may be a Team USA Olympic hurdler and bobsledder, but the 2-time world champion gold medalist is proving even the most successful women have their fair share of struggles. Jones shared a small portion of her heart-wrenching journey to start IVF on Instagram, and just how badly she’s wanted to start her own family as she approaches age 40.

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Jones shared an August 3 Instagram post including a video montage of herself speaking about starting IVF, and documenting the very first steps the grueling process entails.

Terrified,” Jones wrote in her caption. “15 days before I turned 40. Nothing has scared me more than feeling like I’m running out of time to have a family.” The goal medalist goes on to reveal just how long she has waited to get married and start a family. “Well here I am almost 10 years later and it hasn’t,” she wrote. “With my anxiety increasing daily to know if I could even have kids, I worked @frame_fertility who set me up with @neil.chappell.ivfmd and @fertilityanswers.”

Jones revealed her anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) levels meant she had a great egg reserve for her age, and after some other initial testing she was able to start the egg freezing process — and urged other women in her situation to consider this route. “I want to encourage women to check into this earlier,” Jones penned. “Not every women is the same. You can be 35 years old and have the egg count of someone who is 25 or you can be 25 years old and already losing your eggs at a high rate.”

The Olympian, who openly shares her Christian faith on social media, has said multiple times she is saving her virginity until marriage. Even recently, Jones shared how difficult dating has been for her in a May 2022 Instagram post — especially since she “gets teased all the time” because she won’t have premarital sex. In her latest video shared about beginning IVF, Jones explains how much pain this has caused her. “I really want a family,” Jones said through tears. “I’ve waited for my husband for so many years, and I’m just getting mad. And I’m about to turn 40. There’s a lot of stress on me right now.”

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