Goose bumps on the skin promote hair growth

Scientists have discovered that the goose bumps (goose pimples) can be an effective stimulant for hair. A group of researchers from Harvard University came to the conclusion that the muscles involved in the process of emergence of tingling on the skin, can affect hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth.

In the course of its investigation of Harvard biologists have discovered that the nerves that are part of the sympathetic nervous system, situated very close to the stem cells forming the hair follicles – so close that you can even communicate with these cells. These sympathetic nerves are covered with a protective sheath – myelin. But scientists have found that at points of contact with stem cells, the nerves are exposed, not covered with myelin areas.

The researchers said that the nerves adjacent to hair folicule also “wrapped” around the muscles that raise the hair. The effect of chills or goose skin occurs when the pressure of the hair Vladislaus, receiving a boost to growth.

After the experiments with mice, biologists discovered that in rodents, characterized by sparse or not growing normal hair, there are mutations that prevent the normal development of the muscles responsible for the appearance on the skin tingling. On these muscles as they did not sympathetic nerves.

Scientists said that the anomaly of hair growth and baldness in humans are also associated with functions of sympathetic nerves and muscles, regulating the phenomenon of tingling on the skin.

“The nerves and muscles involved in the appearance of ants, play an important role in male pattern baldness. In people with male-pattern baldness, there is a shortage of these muscles,” noted the authors.
According to their hypothesis, the restoration of normal functions of the muscles which appear on the skin of the goose, can promote hair growth.

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