What complications give diabetes

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How does diabetes do to the body?

Dangerous diabetes the expectant mother?

In diabetes, the immune system suffers in the first place. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor their status and in case of infectious diseases in a timely manner, be sure to treat them. And, of course, necessary to prevent the development of proper grooming and hygiene. Especially seriously you should treat any lesions of the feet. Daily care, cleansing and moisturizing should become a habit. The fact that the diabetic foot is the most vulnerable area. Wounds they heal very hard. Therefore, it is impossible to prevent cracking or engorgement. Magicforum found out which gives complications of diabetes.

How does diabetes do to the body?

In the case of a cut, and the more inflammation, you should immediately consult a doctor. Unfortunately, the diabetic foot is a syndrome that occurs often enough, and requires a particularly careful and sustained attention. If you want to move “on foot”, to monitor the condition of the feet must be very carefully.

High blood sugar also affects the eyes, and without proper attention to the problem may lead to blindness. The first symptom is blurring the image before my eyes. This is due to swelling of the lens caused by increase of level of glucose in the blood. In case of appearance of this symptom, you should immediately contact an ophthalmologist. Also, remember that diabetes greatly increases the risk of cataract, glaucoma and retinopathy. When cataract begins cataract, which is accompanied by the blurring and unclear image. Glaucoma involves increased intraocular pressure and subsequent sudden and irreversible vision loss. If you have diabetes, check pressure inside the eye regularly. And finally, retinopathy or involvement of the retina, can also occur without symptoms, and detected only during a visit to the ophthalmologist.

Another problem, common in diabetics, is a whole bunch of cardiovascular diseases ranging from high blood pressure, and ending with the stroke. This is due to the appearance on the background of diabetes is atherosclerosis, i.e. clogging cholesterol gleams of arteries and veins. Such a cholesterol plaque that has accumulated in a large amount may come off from sudden blood flow and be straight in the coronary vessels, causing a heart attack. If it happens a blocking of the arteries that feed the brain, the result of a stroke. And, of course, is to say about one of the biggest problems diabetics – lack of blood flow to the lower extremities, which often leads to their amputation.

Necessary in order to prevent taking aspirin on prescription to reduce not only total body weight but and cholesterol, increase physical activity and to train the heart.

Nephropathy or kidney complications in diabetes is different. In the case of diabetes of the first type nephropathy is manifested in an acute form, for a long time while in the asymptomatic state of preparation for the crisis. When type II diabetes develops gradually. To prevent this disease should regularly (at least once a year) to do a urine test for the presence of protein.

The latter is often developing complication of diabetes is neuropathy. Is accompanied by numbness, tingling sensations or pains in the limbs and stomach, back or bladder. Unfortunately, neuropathy is incurable.

Diabetes is only possible relief to its symptoms and prevent development.

Dangerous diabetes the expectant mother?

Quite often ladies with a diagnosis of “diabetes” doctors of the old school like to scare the fact that in any case can not become pregnant, the baby will be born by freak with a bunch of congenital abnormalities. This is not so. Diabetes is not a death sentence for marriage, but a reason to be more careful with the planning and maintenance of gestation.

First, it is necessary to closely monitor its status in the planning period. The first week, when laid all the internal organs of the unborn child, is very important, and that they should be under full control. Then, of course, also important always observe the correct power scheme, not to relax and not let yourself be persuaded to eat something forbidden because you want or the soul requires.

Diabetes have to be particularly careful in the period of gestation, as the kidneys are under particular threat in the third trimester even in healthy women may be so-called late toxicosis. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the weight, not to gain more than normal, to pass a urine analysis of protein and if necessary go to the hospital.

And, of course, with regards to delivery, you will probably have to go to the caesarean section in order to protect their eyes and feet. Too much pressure during labor may lead to irreversible consequences, including, for retinal detachment, so it is possible and necessary to agree to a cesarean section if the doctor strongly insists on it.

You should continue to monitor closely the health of the child, as it has the probability of getting a genetically caused diabetes. Hence the need for the creation of a strong immunity, which starts with breastfeeding and light hardening of the child.

The chance of transmission of diabetes from mothers theoretically a small, six percent if the father is healthy. However, if type one diabetes is diagnosed and the father (or he hasn’t shown itself at an early age, because they lacked any infectious catalyst, however, genetically program was founded), the percentage of the probability of occurrence of diabetes in a child grows up to thirty chances out of a hundred. Therefore, you should carefully treat this issue and at the first sign of juvenile diabetes in child is required to see a endocrinologist.

Doctors said that children with diabetes need special care.