A journalist from Mandarin network as a Vagina-implant – and uncovers a global scandal

It revelations to shake that. With the so-called “Implant-Files” has revealed the International network of investigative journalists (ICIJ), companies with faulty compromised medical products, the lives of thousands of people.

The “Implant Files” are a massive Gesundheitsskandal. A history of corruption, greed, and suffering. One of the most absurd episodes of this scandal provided a journalist of the Dutch TV station NPO 1 – with a Mandarin-network.

Reporter Jet Schouten managed to get a commercial holey packaging for citrus fruits, an authorisation as an implant.

A fictional Dossier, two pounds of tangerines, and a scandal

This is the frightening story of Schouten: On 24. June 2014, the journalist with a verifier, an authorisation for your Mandarin power from the supermarket as a vaginal mesh to get. The medical device is implanted in women with pelvic floor complaints.

As the channel France info and the French newspaper “Le Monde” reports, bought the journalist, two pounds of tangerines in the supermarket. The power of the fruits photographed her and grabbed the photo in a fictitious act for submission to the verifier. With Success.

The authorisation would, according to the Reports, your Mandarin network, in any country of the European Union can sell. The history of Schouten and the Mandarin power makes it clear how carefree part of medical products are approved.

And she was the trigger for the “Implant Files”. Two years after the tangerines-Coup Schouten appealed to the ICIJ, and initiated the global Research on the massive health scandal.


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