Doctors Weigh In On The Use Of Gluten Free Condoms

Gluten free products and foods have become quite popular for several years now. Those suffering from celiac disease are grateful to see more options for them to choose from in store without having to necessarily weed through a laundry list of ingredients to insure the product is safe for their use or consumption. Although, as physicians such as Dr. Andrew Ordon have pointed out, only one percent of the population actually has a serious sensitivity to gluten.

So why then do 20 percent of the population state that they are going gluten free? So many various products are coming out, claiming to be gluten free lately that Dr. Travis Stork feels it’s more marketing 101 than a necessarily health conscious decision, reports MSN. That certainly appears to be the case with the new gluten free condoms that are now available.

Naturally, the gluten free condoms are much pricier than their counterparts. Dr. Andrew Ordon, who is a plastic surgeon, weighed in on these new gluten free condoms, stating that he sees no reason for buying them. Dr. Nita Landry, OB/GYN, also spoke up about these types of condoms.

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Dr. Landry states her concern over the proper storage of condoms being used, as well as if people are paying attention to the expiration dates, but claims that she’s “not really buying” the whole gluten free condoms idea.

Apparently doctors are not necessarily on board with this new gluten free condom. While awareness of gluten sensitivities and more products to support that need are great, Dr. Travis says that marketing is merely confusing people at this point. His advice, for those who do not have a legitimate sensitivity, is to spare their wallets the unnecessary trouble.

“If you don’t have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, save your money!”

The doctors are fairly concerned about the confusion being left in the wake of gluten free marketing. They claim it’s leaving people wondering what should and should not be avoided and when or when not they should be worried for their health. The implication that gluten free products are always the healthier option is certainly frustrating Dr. Travis, who expressed his feelings on the matter in depth, saying that just because an item says it’s gluten free, does certainly not mean it’s superior.

Though it is highly likely to come with a hefty price tag. Royal Condoms is currently selling the products at a 20 pack for about $18 on Amazon.

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