Sleep in only 2 minutes: An old military Trick is to make it possible

Are you also tired all the time, because at night, sleepless in bed, toss and turn, instead of blissfully slumbering? Then this forgotten sleep technology is just Right for you. 96 percent of users could fall asleep in under two minutes, writes the American military blogger Sharon Ackermann on the Online-platform “Medium.” “Even after you drank coffee had, and the noise of machine guns in the Background.”

He who sleeps does not burn out

Many US soldiers in the Second world war, as you – at least, when it comes to falling Asleep. Because you at night, often no eye zubekamen, they were constantly tired.

If you don’t sleep, it burns you quickly. You make the wrong decisions. You will be disappointed other people, and is a burden,” writes Ackerman.

The sleep-deprived American pilots would have taken a fatal wrong decisions: they had been shot down in preventable situations or would have fired on their own people is a big Problem for the U.S. military.

The solution came from a flight school of the U.S. Navy: A scientific method, with which it is possible to be, within two minutes, always and everywhere to fall asleep.

The you can also. For this you need to follow these steps and maybe a little practice.

It’s even on a chair

Probably, it’s in your cozy bed , much better, but in the case of the case you should with this technique, even in a Sitting position on a chair asleep. So the pilots had learned it, writes to Ackermann:

Feet on the floor, lean back and hands in the lap. Today, this can be particularly travelling virtually.

It’s about the face

Your face “is the epicenter of your emotions,” writes Ackerman.

Relax your facial muscles completely – the tongue, the jaw, the muscles around the eyes. Your eyes should be closed and limp.

A relaxed face is a sign for the Rest of the body to relax.

Flabby Upper Body

Relax your shoulders and neck. You let them fall. Then relax the arms. Start with the biceps in their stronger side. Tense it and relax it completely. Follow the procedure in your Hand and the fingers as well.

Take a deep breath into your belly and relax the chest.

If your upper body nice and limp, they are practically half-asleep.

You speak with your legs

Your lower half of the body in the sleep mode , catch you again when your stronger side. They relaxed in the large thigh muscle, then the calves and finally the feet. Your legs should feel heavy.

Now that your body from head to toe in a relaxed , missing only the very last step of physical relaxation to deep sleep.

Please don’t think

You need a clear head. Let not the events of the day or plan the week ahead. “All of these things require movement”, writes Ackermann. “The pure Thinking leads to the fact that your muscles tense unconsciously.”

Imagine yourself, like you are in a canoe on a quiet lake. Or as you snuggle in a hammock made of black Velvet in a pitch-black room.

If you do not manage to keep these images for at least ten seconds in your head, you need a Mantra that you repeat again and again. For example, “not thinking, not thinking, not thinking.”

“The displaced all other thoughts and prevents you to wander mentally.”

With relaxed muscles and a calm mind, you should fall asleep within a few seconds.

Every day, more power

Now it’s called practice. Because only after six weeks, it managed the impressive 96 per cent of the soldiers, with this technique within just two minutes to fall asleep. You should not belong to the remaining four percent, you have a little super power.

You can make your body shut down and your mind to switch off and so within a couple of seconds to fall asleep – no matter how bad it is or where you are.

They are stressed in everyday life, more alert, more rested, less and make the right decisions. “Everything will be easier. Your head is clear”, writes Ackermann.

Should you belong to the unlucky four percent, the US army also an – albeit fairly General tip for you:

“Basically, you have to do for restful sleep what works for a person. There is no secret recipe, except for his body to listen.


This article was written by Moritz Diethelm